5 Weirdest Fashion Trends Of The Decade

Fashion and style are among the few things in the world that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Even those who claim to not care about fashion trends at all, still check the news from the runways and enjoy clothes shopping from time to time. We’re used to the latest fashion being a source of constant amusement, but what about the trends that may have gone out of fashion, but still look incredibly odd? Here are some of our favorite weird trends in fashion!

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Bubble nails

It’s no secret that nail art is a valuable part of anyone’s everyday look. The right kind of nail art can accentuate the best features of your outfit and appearance while being very easy to put on and remove. However, not every nail art look is a good one, which is demonstrated by bubble nails. Nothing about these nails looks attractive or trendy, and yet bubble nails could be seen all over the world in the last couple of years. Not only do bubble nails look weird or even slightly disgusting, but they also look uncomfortable as well, which makes us wonder: who thought it was a good idea in the first place?

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Decorated beards

Facial hair can be a very powerful accessory for all types of men, whether they are celebrities, CEOs, or lumberjacks. However, recently trendsetters thought that a natural trimmed beard is not trendy enough and introduced a brand new fad for decorating beards. The most popular beard enhancements are flowers, glitter, Christmas decorations, and various kinds of hair dye jobs that can range from simply bleaching the beard or making it darker to turning your beard into a flock of mermaid hair with shades like turquoise, lavender, and blue.


10-inch heels

Introduced by Alexander McQueen, these boots have been all the rage since 2009. Various celebrities, including Lady Gaga, helped popularize this trend and turn it from a runway oddity into an item coveted by many women. The fashion brand didn’t stop there and unveiled 12-inch shoes a couple of years later, making it even harder for the ladies to walk around safely and confidently in their new pair of shoes. Luckily, we don’t see this kind of heels on the runway too often, even though Lady Gaga still wears them from time to time.



We all know about leggings and their role in the women’s wardrobe. We’ve also seen the rise to popularity that happened to men’s skinny jeans and trousers in the last decade. But what happens when these two different fashion trends meet? The answer is meggings! Thankfully, this trend hasn’t become as universally popular as the other two, but if you take a trip to a hip neighborhood in London, Tokyo, New York, or Paris, you’re likely to see dozens of young men proudly wearing a pair of meggings with an equally fashionable top.



Originally designed as shoes for the beach, SPA, or swimming pool, Crocs are, without a doubt, an extremely comfortable and relaxing type of footwear. Crocs were introduced in the early 2000s, and it took them only a couple of years to turn from leisure to casual shoes. Nowadays you can see celebrities and ordinary people rocking a pair of Crocs even when there is no beach or swimming pool in sight, which means we have witnessed the birth of a new fashion trend. However, it’s hard to say what about the Crocs made them so admired by the general public, as they are far from looking elegant or fashionable.


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