6 Reasons Why You Should Start Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has lost its dirty fame and has become quite popular among the wide variety of people. Girls visit pole dancing classes to not keep fit only, but for the sake of their own health. Find out what are the main benefits of pole dancing and why you should try it out right away.

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#Fast calories burning

Pole dancing is that special kind of exercise combining isometric and cardiovascular exercises. So throughout the whole session of dancing, you will both train your muscles and burn off just as many calories as you could on a treadmill.

#Great flexibility


Until recently yoga was considered to be a No.1 option to develop flexibility. But actually there is another great option – and it is definitely pole dancing. It can stretch your muscles and joints as they have never been stretched before. Moreover, if you are getting bored of silent meditation of yoga and you are more of a person with an active lifestyle, then pole dancing is just right for you.

#Motivation + Self-confidence

One of the biggest disadvantages of working out at the gym is that it is boring. All the exercises repeat constantly, so it’s easy to get demotivated with time. As to the pole dancing, with every next lesson you never know what to expect. The teachers always find something new to show you, so you get more and more excited with every next time. With such regular trainings, you don’t recognize as your body becomes more attractive, so you become more confident about your body and your beauty.

#Healthier heart


Since pole dancing includes much of cardiovascular trainings, it means your heart get beating at higher rates. The pole dancing workouts are considered equivalent to aerobic exercises, thereby making your heart healthier and stronger.

#Easier childbirth

Pole dancing is an especially good exercise for strengthening your back. This can greatly reduce back pain during pregnancy. The abdominal muscles become stronger too, so the whole process of childbirth is easier and less painful.

#Bones, joints, arms, and legs strengthening


 Unlike any other kind of sport, pole dancing doesn’t strain your joints and doesn’t put your bones at the risk of being broken. On the contrary, it only strengthens them. This is especially beneficial if you want to prevent osteoporosis in your older ages. Moreover, as you proceed with mastering your pole dancing movements, you will learn to swing around, and upside down and hold your legs out straight in front of you. All of these poses require well-trained muscles, which you will surely acquire.

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