6 Most Unusual Cocktails In The World

Everyone likes resting. And resting in a good company of pleasant people and nice cocktails might be the best option. Some choose to buy already prepared drinks, and some make different mixtures of them. Find out what are the most extraordinary cocktails are there around the world and prepare them yourself following the tips below.

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#1 Gunpowder Plot

1To prepare the Gunpowder Plot, you will have to infuse gin with gunpowder flavors and shake it with fernet branca (a traditional herbal digestive) and egg white. In such a way, you will manage to get a thick layer of froth on the top of the cocktail. When the cloche is closed and smoke is added the froth is infused with a smoky, wooden flavor which changes the drink completely.

#2 The Crapper

2There is an extraordinary bar in Germany where people eat from the plates looking like toilets. And there is a place in Las Vegas where people start their evening from drinking Crapper cocktails. This calorie-filled cocktail is a chocolate-based Piña Colada garnished with a Snickers bar. You get to keep the glass once done.

#3 Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan

 3“Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan” is prepared in a vintage, late 1930s cocktail shaker in the shape of a lady’s leg complete with a high-heeled silver shoe. The cocktail substitutes cranberry juice for homemade cranberry sorbet, giving the drink a creamy and soft texture. Served in Eau De Vie’s vintage champagne coupes.

#4 Moby Dick Sazerac

4Many of the drinks at White Lyan stand out as creative concoctions, but there are none which catch our attention as much as the Moby Dick Sazerac. One of the ingredients is ambergris, a component in perfumes made of whale vomit. The other ingredients in it are absinthe rice, Rye, and Peychaud’s bitters.

#5 Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs, and Bakey

5This cocktail was created especially for an easy recover from the heavy night of Blood Mary cocktails. The ingredients it includes make it more a breakfast rather than a cocktail. The quail eggs and grilled cheese combined with the vegetables turns this drink into a little meal specifically designed to take the edge off of a rough morning.

#6 Lowside Of The Road


This special cocktail can be only seen in Atlanta, in Holman and Finch. It features tequila infused with coffee and mushroom, raspberry, zucca, lime, and a pinch of salt. If you happen to be there for the cocktails, try out one of their hamburgers, as well.

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