7 Nontrivial Ways To Relax

The modern pace of life is such that we often have to cope with several tasks simultaneously. Due to this, it is practically impossible to avoid overload. However, chronic fatigue is not the best thing that happens with working hard person. Sometimes you need to give yourself the opportunity to stop, exhale and relax. The main thing is to know how to do it right.

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Classic relaxation techniques – yoga, meditation, bath with aromatic oils, massage, outdoor walk are familiar to everyone. But there are other interesting ways to take off the fatigue and overwork, which are worth to know about.

7. To communicate with animals

Scientists have shown that after pating cat or dog, the level of serotonin, happiness hormone, increases in the human body. And another thing: the owners of pets are calmer, and they are much less likely to have high blood pressure. Is it not a good reason to find a four-legged friend? The alternative – to go to the zoo, or the exhibition of cats, or in the dolphinarium.

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6. To brush hair

It sounds unusual, but it works. Combing hair is a kind of massage that helps to relax the muscles of the head and normalizes circulation. This should be done for at least two minutes. You can also use special massager for the scalp.

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5. Read your favorite book aloud

Scientists from Oxford University have concluded that the best remedy for stress and anxiety is to read. A reading aloud uses all verbal processes – speech, hearing, and thinking – and helps to truly escape from reality. In addition, it is one of the best exercises for the development of diction.

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4. Take a shower with fragrant gel

If there is no time for a relaxing bath, you can take a shower with fragrant gel, apply some lotion or cream. Relaxing effect have the scents of lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile.

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3. Clean the house

The bringing order gives physical activity and emotional satisfaction from the result. The absence of clutter around you will help you to put in order your own thoughts. Of course, the cleaning should be carried out, only if you do not get too tired to move next 2-3 hours.

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2. To chew the bubblegum

According to the study by Professor Andrew Scola of the University of Swinburne, chewing gum improves an efficiency of the brain and reduces the level of cortisol, making a person more stress-resistant. And the sooner you chew, the more quickly you calm down. Within 20 minutes of fast chewing cortisol levels is decreased by 25.8%.

1. Buy funny coloring

Psychologists have found that colorings help to finish the job on time. Therefore, in the period of increased stress is time to pick up a pencil or paint. By the way, in recent years there are many adult anti-stress colorings. From children’s, they differ only in the more florid and abstract patterns. Everyone can choose something that he likes: meditative mandala, world map or “Harry Potter.”

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