8 Rules To Follow While Traveling By Plane

The world becomes more open, dynamic and more available for traveling. If just a decade ago the price for air tickets was too high for one’s pocket, today it is becoming a usual thing to use plane as mode of transport. Nevertheless, as any other kind of passengers transportation, the plane requires from you following certain rules, so you are safe and sound while traveling.

Stay secured with the tips from Jiji

#1 – Wear loose clothes


Due to a low atmosphere pressure on board the aircraft, you might get the feeling of distention. That’s why it is better if you wear loose clothes and feel comfortable all way long.

#2 – Keep up the necessary level of water in your organism


While on board, drink a cup of water every hour. The air in the plane is extremely dry, so take an extra bottle of water with you and don’t wait for the flight attendant to bring it for you.

#3 – Watch what you drink


Avoid drinks containing alcohol or caffeine as they act as diuretics. Moreover, the effect of alcohol intoxication will be much more significant in the light air inside the cabin.

#4 – Avoid the food offered on board


The snacks, which are offered on board contain too much salt, fat, and preservatives. To stay the course, take your own home food with you.

#5 – Be a fidget


While on board, do simple isometric movements (tense and relax muscles from your toes and up to your head). From time to time, stand up to normalize the blood circulation in your legs. Walk all cabin long at least once for the period of the flight.

#6 – Try to sleep


To increase your chances to sleep a bit on the plane, you might need some supportive items, such as earplugs, eye mask, pillow for your neck, comfortable sweater, and silk-and-cotton socks.

#7 – Moisturize yourself


Take a bottle with a physiological solution with you and moisturize your nasal passages from time to time. Besides, it is required to anoint your nose with olive, coconut or almond oil to block the entry of different bacteria in your organism. To get the coconut or almond oil quickly, just visit Jiji to have it in a single click!

#8 – Plunge into water after the flight


After landing, take a bath. For this, a swimming pool, an ocean, a lake or a simple bath will be just perfect. After the flight your organism is dehydrated, that’s why it’s important to restore the fluid balance through the pores. Besides, it will help you to relax and boost the energy.

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