How To Buy Proper Water Heater With Profit?

It is unpleasant to live without water no matter where you live in the capital, a small town or village. There are lots of reasons to stay without hot water. But the solution is single – to buy the water heater. The most effective solution is to choose the water heater. This appliance consumes only 1-2.5 kW of electricity and is capable of providing water, heated to 60-75°C for a small apartment and a large private house.

How to choose a water heater: is the volume important?

The most important parameter of water heater  is the volume (capacity).

  • 10-15 liters is ideal for washing hands and utensils, so it is often installed in small bathrooms and in the kitchen over the sink or under it. Getting to the selection of the heater, pay attention to the location of the water pipes – if it is low or high.
  • up to 30 liters – the best “walk-in” option for a bachelor or a small apartment with one tenant.
  • 50, 75 or 80 liters are good to take a shower and provide the hot water to the kitchen. They take up little space and can provide hot water to a married couple.
  • 100 liters water heaters are the most popular and versatile choice for families with children, living in a city apartment. These heaters are suitable for a bathroom set, work for a couple of draw-off points and for taking a shower.
  • up to 150 liters are designed for large families and people who prefer to take a bath regularly.
  • 200-300 liters is optimal for large apartments, houses and families of 5-8 people. Note that these water heaters heat water for a long time (up to 4,75-5,75 hours!). And they have a big weigh, so can only be installed on the floor.

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It is not necessary to look at the heater “with reserve” when choosing a cylinder volume. Water heater with more than necessary volume takes up more space and will take longer to heat up (50-liter heater is heated by 1.5-2.5 hours faster than the 100-liter model!), creating discomfort. In addition, if hot water is needed in the kitchen and in the bathroom, it is better to buy two water heaters (small volume and compact model) – thus reducing the time needed to spend for a new heating.

How to choose the water heater according to the method of installation?

On sale, there are three types of heaters:

  • Only for vertical installation.
  • Only for horizontal installation.
  • With the possibility of both vertical and horizontal mounting – universal models.

First of all, installation way of water heater affects the usability, because horizontally suspended from the ceiling, water heater does not “steal” usable space, and will not interfere with any stuff in a small bathroom.
Secondly, some models of boilers horizontally heated water is much faster than in the upright position. Such a boiler at the same time provides substantial energy savings and increased comfort for a large family.

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