Cancer – Is There Any Hope? must begin with the fact that cancer is a common name for various diseases, of malignant tumors of various organs and systems. From benign they differ in growth, aggressiveness toward the body and the ability to metastasize, or “multiply”, affecting other organs.

When survey the patients who have oncology disease,  almost everyone of them has another chronic disease. Patients with stomach cancer had chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer or stomach polyp; lung cancer – chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis; breast cancer – fibroadenomatosis; cervical cancer – erosion or HSV 16/18; malignant tumor of language appear more often after an injury by faulty denture or sharp end of the carious tooth.

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When cancer is curable?

Virtually all cancers detected at an early stage can be completely cured. For example, lung cancer, which is among cancer takes the first place in terms of morbidity and mortality in stage I is cured in cure in 72% (non-small cell) – 100% (carcinoid) cases in stage II – in 50-93% of cases. If the tumor has just appeared, it happens, it can be treated only with pills. Thus, patients with stage I cervical cancer consuming one type of hormones can easily destroy the tumor, and by receiving another hormones to restore normal menstrual period. And a year after the treatment a woman can get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

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Why that say it is difficult to cure cancer?

The main problem, according to oncologists, is not that difficult to cure cancer. The trouble is that it often is diagnosed at late stages. Most often because the patient goes to a doctor when he can’t endure some pain, illness anymore. A cancer is very insidious disease, its symptoms appear only when a tumor is difficult to fight.  Want to protect yourself, take the time at list once a year  to ensure a complete examination of all professionals.

Is there really good medications?

Laboratories and research centers around the world are developing drugs for the treatment of malignant tumors for dozen years. Those drugs that successfully pass all stages of testing, doctors immediately start using. Without cheap sensationalism and loud statements. For example, who have heard that there were drugs (taxotere, gemcitabine) for the treatment of bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer, once considered “beyond the control” of chemotherapy?

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Can I be cured by alternative medicine?

There are a lot of rumors about folk remedies for treating cancer and medicine men who commit miracles of healing. Severe disease, especially in its terminal phase, forces a patient and his relatives’ desire to find such “healers”. And where is a demand, a proposition is born. In some cases it really works, because faith in God, healing ability of shaman allow patient not to lose hope and not to become depressed and is it very important in cancer treatment. But without qualified doctor’s care, a fleeting improvement from psychotherapy and voodoo symptomatic treatment often comes significant deterioration. There are patients who avoid visiting doctors for months because of using folk remedies.

If you have faith in God – help Him to help your doctor! Follow your oncologist advises and don’t lose your faith!

The only way to fight cancer – treatment in medical institutions. Treatment out of medical institutions by  untested methods and medications leads to the neglect of the disease and makes really curable treatment impossible.

Don’t lose hope! Use Jiji and fight cancer!