How To Create Garden Of Your Dreams From Scratch? owners think about how to refine the plot. If you acquired a finished house, and the yard looks bleak and ugly, you should know some of the secrets to create the unbelievable cozy corner.

Things you should consider when

Before starting to grow the courtyard garden, it is required to set a landscape style. It must match the style of the house, combined with the size of the plot. Approaches to the design should depend on how quickly you would like to create a cozy courtyard. Also, you must assess your financial capabilities.

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The natural landscape should be in harmony with decoration elements. Consider the following soil type, namely, precipitation, topography.  It would be better if all the decorative elements will be similar. This will create a beautiful image of the area. Any defect can be hidden under the decor. For example, stump decorated with artificial moss, toys, stones. Do not forget about the fence. It can be carved, painted and varnished. This allows it to serve you for a long time.

Garden paths

Beautiful garden paths change the appearance of the whole area. With their help, the territory is divided into zones. Garden paths can be made of wood, gravel, concrete, stone. Considering your garden style, you need to select the appropriate material. The most commonly used are concrete slabs.

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Even a village hut looks more luxury with the front garden. You do not need to plant the original, exclusive flowers – the most common plants are also beautiful and do not require special skills for growing. Gardeners recommend choosing perennials that have big beautiful leaves. From neighboring eyes help hide creepers. This may be grapes, twine roses. These plants grow not so fast, so close planted annuals. Such as climbing peas and ivy.

Brook, swamp, which are located in the garden, you can decorate, make them zest. Borders should be reinforced with stones. Sometimes people use asbestos cement pipes, baskets for planting at the edge of the brook. Not all plots have a rill. It can be created artificially and be another garden decoration.

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Today, designers recommend not to build a conventional wooden pavilion. More ecological is to structure it of trees or shrubs.

Many people want to create a cozy corner near the house, which would be an opportunity to relax. This place can be a patio. It is a place to relax or make modest luxury, and a variety of plants and flowers add charm to it.

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