Doctors Removed 40 Knives Out Of Man’s Stomach

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A 42-year-old father of two children from India was delivered to hospitable with 40 knives in his stomach.


He had had such profuse internal bleeding that he wouldn’t have lived long without a surgery. He confessed that he had been swallowing metal objects for two month.

“I just wanted to know what a knife would taste like. And I simply fell for it. Like some people get addicted to drugs or video games I became a knife swallowing addict” – the guy told the doctors who performed the surgery of removing all those metal objects from his stomach.

According to the doctors, some of these folding knives were folded and some unfolded and as long as 18 cm. Some of them were even covered in rust or just broken. The doctors also admitted being scared of operating on the weird addict since one wrong move could literally kill the patient. They said they suspected pica disorder and still think this version cannot be ruled out yet.


Pica disorder is dysfunctional craving to eat inedible objects. People who suffer from this medical condition can have inexplicable cravings for substances like soap, paper, metal, dirt, clay, hair, etc. The symptom is more typical for pregnant women, especially Mexican-born ones.


The patient also confessed passing two more knives while defecating. So it totals to 42 knives in one man’s stomach. Indeed, a knife a day keeps the doctor in dismay.

The guy is endlessly grateful to doctors who saved his life and explains his strange behavior as the intervention of some “spiritual powers” into his life. However, he promises never to do that again and feels sorry for letting his family down.


Stay tuned with Jiji: hot news from all around Nigeria & world!

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