How To Easily Clean White Collar At Home

Every housewife is familiar with the problem of constant struggle with stains on the cuffs and collar of shirts. On the one hand, in those places the fabric is in close contact with the skin, absorbs fat and sweat, on the other, these details are made of dense fabric, which is not desirable to rub or knead hard.

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How to wash a shirt collar and cuffs with  folk remedies

It is not necessarily to immediately buy expensive stain advertised stain removers to return pristine purity to these menswear details. You can successfully solve the problem with the help of available funds. There are several proven ways to do it.

For example:

  • soap and a plastic bag;
  • vinegar;
  • dish detergent.

The main advantage of these methods – you do not have to wield a brush. So, shirts will not wear so soon.

How to wash collars on men’s shirts with soap and packet

This method was tried by many housewives and proved to be effective, although it is very simple. Normal soap and the “greenhouse effect” of polyethylene can dissolve hard stains and become a worthy answer to the question as to wash the collars on men’s shirts. Soak the shirt in hot water, wring out thoroughly and rub dirt with soap. Put it in a plastic bag, tie tightly and leave for about an hour and a half. Now thoroughly wash hands, rinse and dry the shirt. Surprised effect? Your man will certainly appreciate the result.

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The vinegar will help to wash the collars on white men’s shirts

This method is based on the action of an acid, which dissolves the fatty dirt. Apply vinegar on grease stains on a collar with the cotton pad and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash the thing in the washing machine, choosing the mode according to the instructions on the label.

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How to wash a shirt cuffs with simple dish detergent

Any dishwasher detergent is a good helper in the fight for the purity of the collar and cuffs. These spots are nothing more than a skin fat and sweat, on which the dust had settled. A dish detergent is just designed to dissolve fat. Just wet shirt and richly saturate stains with dish detergent. Leave for about 30-40 minutes. After that, feel free to send a shirt in the washing machine – washing powder to finish the fight with the dust and dirt.

More tips how to wash a shirt collar and cuffs:

Now your arsenal of knowledge added a few more recipes. And the issue how to wash white shirt cuffs, for you is no longer a problem. And here are several useful tips to improve washing process:

  • Before starting treatment of spots, use a soft brush on contaminated sites: it will mechanically remove particles of the epithelium, which is laminated together with fat and then on the surface of the fabric. This will facilitate the entire process in further.
    Try to change shirts frequently, avoiding heavy stainings. Wash them right until the spots are not stale.
  • Wash the shirt treated in the area of collar and cuffs, at 40 ° C or higher, otherwise, the wash will not give the desired effect.
    Observe the rules of hygiene. In hot weather try to take a shower at least twice a day. Then the sweat and grease will be washed off in a timely manner and less stick into the fabric.
  • Try to avoid stress and nervous strain. As is known, they increase sweating.
  • Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods also contribute to increased sweating.

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