Electricity Prices To Go Up 200%

Starting soon, Nigerian electricity consumers may be forced to pay 200% the original price of electricity. The raise in the tariffs comes as the result of the demand by DISCOs, Nigerian electricity distribution companies.

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Currently the price of electricity around Nigeria is ?22,8 per kilowatt-hour, which already seems too high for the poorest categories of users. However, with the 200% raise the new price can amount to ?70. But that’s not all: if certain DISCOs get their way, Nigerians will have to pay as much as ?105 per kilowatt-hour. The proposed changes are described in the proposal created by the distribution companies and presented by Azu Obiaya, the CEO of the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors.


Obiaya said the Association doesn’t have any other option but to raise tariffs, claiming that the raise is mandatory for the companies to stay in business and continue to provide high quality and reliable services to the people of Nigeria. At the moment it is not clear whether the new prices will take place any time soon, but the review of electricity tariffs is already in the works, according to Azu Obiaya.

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