Happiness Inside: How To Remain Happy No Matter What’s Going On

For each of us the phrase “to be happy” has a different meaning. However, scientists say that practically everyone can go through life with head held high. The only thing that is important is to know and follow a few simple rules.

Monitor your happiness

Studies show that 50% of our happiness depend on the sense of hereditary factors, 10% – on the environment, while 40% rely on your own choice only. Your task is to understand what exactly you want from life, and move in the desired direction. If something goes wrong, try to relax and think what you can take from the situation. Maybe, a little shopping can help you to rise up the mood? Or you need some stuff to win?

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http://thumbs3.jigidi.com/thumbs/268IGLZO/lPay attention to the sport

If you do not have enough positive emotions, join a gym or get in the scheduled time for jogging or elementary training. People who exercise regularly, are 20% happier than those who prefer to spend the evening watching TV or computer. Even 20 minutes of walking a day will help you to change.

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Surround yourself with positive

Scientists (not Britain ones) say: “Good mood, confidence, and strength to achieve results are transmitted from person to person”. If you communicate with the optimists, you will change your points of view on some things. And that’s good!

Cultivate new habits

Scientific fact: when you develop a new habit, the brain starts working very differently. You could say that you get an improved version of yourself. The habit, for example, to meditate, does not take much of your time. At the start, devote it 10-15 minutes a day. Or start making some crafts – you can always sell your works on Jiji and get extra money – one shot – two hits!

Help others

This is a great way to embody the dream of a dizzying career. Come to the aid, try to separate the duties and share the emotions. It will not only be the key to your good mood, but also up to 40% will increase the chances for promotion at work and will help to become closer with your friends and family members.

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Do not forget about sex

Scientists say that regular sexual life (at least once a week) makes people happier by 55% and even has its reflection on the person’s professional success.

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