Human Hair: Easy Trick To Get Astonishing Shag!

Everyone knows the fact that gold has been precious at all times. However, the fact that long and beautiful hair is a real treasure is much less known. Luxurious and long hair can make its owner really special and unique.

However, not every woman can boast of long and luxurious hair. Nevertheless, this is not a problem today!


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Hair-selling business

Hair has been valued at all times. Its popularity especially increased after wigs became trendy. At that point a new profession was created – a wig styling hairdresser (a wig and hairpieces creator).

A good specialist is highly in demand today. His or her work resembles that of a jeweler. Not only does a wig stylist have to create a quality product, but he or she also has to make a selection and proper removal. As a result, human hair trade looks a lot like a fur auction.


Why do people buy human hair:

  • you do not want to harm your hair with the dying procedure, but you do want to keep up with fashion;
  • you cut your hair, but a few days later you change your mind and now want to have long hair;
  • you suffer from alopecia;
  • you have challenging hair, and you find it hard to find professional care for it, but you often appear in public;
  • you have straight hair and you want to have sexy curls quickly and without perm or vice versa, – it’s perfectly straight hair that you are craving.


How to choose the hair correctly?

  • Make up your mind about the desired hair length.

Natural human hair looks good if your hair length is not less than 8 cm. Then it will be easier to hide the transition from your hair to the overhead hair strands. If you want the overhead hair length to be just below the shoulders, you will be fine with a 40-cm set of hair; if you want it to fall below the chest area- choose the length of 50 cm.


  • Determine the appropriate amount of hair.

Remember that the 60-gram hair set is not suitable for use on its own. It is intended to add thickness, but not length. 100-120-gram hair sets are suitable for those whose natural hair is of medium thickness with well-shaped ends. If you your hair is quite thick, then you should select the 140-180-gram hair set. This is to ensure that the overhead hair length does not look thin compared to the bush of your natural hair. Just keep in mind that 120 grams for 40 cm is sufficient, while 120 grams for 75 cm is not enough, since a significant part of the goes to add the length, not the volume.


  • Find the desired color.

The color of human hair overhead strands should be chosen based on the color of your ends, because the ends should blend with the color of the strands, then the transition will not be noticeable.


  • How many strands of hair do you need?

The number of strands is chosen individually. The main thing is that hair weight must appropriate, since the weight of 100 grams can be divided both into 4 strands and into 8. It depends on how much hair is taken for one strand of. The hair set with 4 strands is easier to fix, while sets of 8 strands are better distributed amidst your natural hair.


Buy natural, high quality human hair on JiJi from reliable sellers  – and become attractive and desirable overnight!