Kenya: Donkeys Not Allowed… Unless They Wear Nappies!

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A strange rule has recently been issued by the authorities of Wajir, a town in north-eastern part of Kenya. Trying to protect their brand-new tarmac road, they prohibit all donkeys to enter the town unless they are wearing nappies.


This road is 27 km long and is apparently something the locals are very proud of. The authorities have been concerned with the problem of donkey feces for a long time and have finally decided that the donkey-cart owners have to deal with the problem.

Now the problem of keeping the town clean seems to be under control. The nappy notices, hanging all around town, say that donkey-cart owners have to put nappies on their animals in order “to avoid poop all over the tarmac road creating nuisance”.


Donkey owners are now obliged to “manage their pet’s feces” and fix a poop-collecting bag around their donkeys’ bottoms. Surprisingly, there were not many complaints on the part of the donkey owners, most of them are complying with the new rule and even sharing tips of the best ways to fix the nappy bag on a donkey.


It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first attempt to impose such fashion on cargo-carrying animals – a similar rule was introduced in Limuru in 2007, a town to the north-west of the Nairobi. However, it was never put into practice.


Stay tuned with Jiji: hot news from all around Nigeria & world!


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