How To Maintain Your Car’s Exterior

If you want your vehicle to last you for years and still look and feel like it’s fresh out of the car dealership, there is a basic minimum of maintenance you need to perform regularly. Caring for the car’s mechanics is important, but maintaining the bodywork of your beloved vehicle is also an essential component of diligent car care. Find out how to make the exterior of your car last longer and look better.

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Regular wash

The importance of washing the car cannot be overrated, since it’s the first step in caring for the vehicle’s bodywork. There is no other way to get rid of dirt, debris, salt, and other bodywork-ruining substances, which lead to corrosion and rust, than a good car wash. The key here is to pay attention to every part of the vehicle, and not just the areas in your field of view. It means that the sections underneath the car, inside the wheel arches, and around the bumper area need to be washed as well, because they are the ones most prone to dust and dirt accumulation.


It’s essential not to ignore the occasional bird droppings, which can happen if you often leave your car outside. They may seem harmless, but in reality bird droppings contain large quantities of acid, which can irreparably ruin the bodywork and leave noticeable stains. Luckily, you don’t need any special liquids to remove the droppings – plain water will work just fine.


Regular waxing not only enhances the visual appeal of your car, but also helps protect it from corrosion by keeping the water out of the scratches and chips that often form on the surface of the bodywork. Purchase a special car wax that is non-abrasive and apply it after a wash using a soft cloth or sponge. Remember to only wax the parts of your vehicle that are painted, avoiding plastic or metal exterior components that can be stained by wax. Don’t forget to give the car’s exterior a good buff once you’ve finished applying the wax.


Take care of the scratches

Scratched and chipped car paint makes the vehicle look neglected and often leads to serious damage to the exterior. A good way to get rid of the scratches and chips is to do a mini-paint job. First visit the car dealership or paint market to find the exact paint shade needed for your car. Then apply the paint from the tube using a toothpick – that way you’ll be able to fix even the smallest paint defects. Determine the paint drying time using the instructions included with the tube, and once the paint has dried up, apply the clear coating that usually comes with the paint.


Polish your car

If your vehicle is covered in tiny scratches all over the bodywork and you can’t repaint them one by one, polishing is a very effective method of making the car look smooth and shiny again. In order to polish, you’ll need an electric car polisher and a high quality polishing product. Apply the polisher all over the car exterior or in the areas filled with scratches. When the polishing process is over, wash the vehicle with car soap and water and then wax the bodywork to add a finishing touch.


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