Mirror Mirror On The Wall, You Are Cleanest Of Them All

http://ab.weimgs.com/weimgs/ab/images/wcm/products/201641/0008/overlapping-diamonds-mirror-c.jpg Mirrors are in every home and require special and careful care. It is unlikely that someone likes to look at his reflection through a stains, dirt and traces of everyday life. Therefore, how to wash the mirror without divorce is the very popular question.

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Top 5 home means to clean mirror without stains

Stains usually appear after usage of tools and instruments are not suitable for cleaning the mirror surface. You can buy commercial products for cleaning, or use advises from Jiji!

1. How to wash the mirror only with water

One of the easiest and most common ways to clean up the mirror without stains is to use water and old newspapers. This kind paper may be best to polish the mirror, without leaving fragments on the surface of fibers or dust, which is typical for textiles. Glossy brochures or magazine covers are not suitable for these purposes. Water and newspapers – one of the cheapest ways to wash the mirror without stains. However, to achieve a brilliant result, it is necessary to try hard and make some effort.

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2. How to wash the mirror with alcohol or vodka

For those who do not know how to wash the mirror without stains with water, can use vodka or cologne that can remove traces of grease and hair spray from the mirror. Once the problem surface is treated with alcohol-containing substances, the mirror can be wiped dry with paper towels or a newspaper.

3. How to wash the mirror without streaks using vinegar and chalk

To prepare this substance, add 10 ml of vinegar in a glass of boiled water. Then pour in the solution one large spoonful of chalk (the ingredient can be replaced with tooth powder) and mix thoroughly. The resulting composition should be insisted, after which excess fluid must be drained. The rest of the consistency of chalk is applied to the contaminated surface of the mirror. Later remove dried chalk layer by rubbing with crumpled newspaper.

Note! Vinegar mixed with water and rubbed into the surface is also quite effective.

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4. How to wash the mirror without stains with potatoes

Thinking how to wash the mirror without stains, it makes sense to use a raw potato cut in half. Wipe mirror surface with potato half. Potato juice is then very easy to remove with a soft cloth or newspaper.

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5. How to wash the mirror without stains with onion

The vegetable is cut in half. Halves are rubbed of the mirror surface and left for 10 minutes. When the time is over  take a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe the mirror. The smell of onion repels flies, so if you use an unusual method in the summer, the mirror will be less dirty. If you wish to get rid of sharp aroma, it is recommended  to wipe the surface with a solution of vinegar after cleaning with the onion.

Clean mirror will give not only a perfect reflection, but also will be a worthy object of pride of every housewife. Knowing how to clean up a mirror without stains, you can significantly save on the purchase of chemicals.

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