Unbelievable Mermaid Locs Of Nerissa Irving

African woman are so beautiful, that even Hugh Hefner can’t  resist their temptation! Nerissa Irving has typical African beauty and fit. And her natural dread  locs are adorable!

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Nerissa became the first loc’ed woman to be featured in Playboy. She describes the experience in a positive manner:

“It was an amazing experience. I love the skin I’m in and I felt like Playboy gave me the opportunity to kick down that “Rasta girls or natural hair women” won’t get to certain levels. Plus I’m a nudist, so the photo shoot was just perfect for me LOL!  My Locs and skin tone shouldn’t take away my sensuality or sexuality. Black women are beautiful and sexy  in any hairstyle and body type.”

via nerissairving.com



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