Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

In the past years Rottweilers have become one of the most controversial dog breeds. They are famed for their excellent guarding qualities and loyalty to the owners, but at the same time we’ve all heard about Rottweilers attacking strangers or even family members and doing serious damage to their health. Find out some less known things about this dog breed and whether Rottweiler puppies are the right choice for you if you’re looking for a pet.

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Without a doubt, Rottweiler dogs are an instantly recognizable breed, mainly thanks to their muscular body, black coloring with rust marks, and a large head. Normally Rottweilers fall into the medium large category of breeds, which allows owners to keep them both in detached houses and apartments. Male Rottweilers are noticeably larger than females and have larger frames and heavier bones, but females don’t lack in physical strength either. A single glance at the build of a typical Rottweiler lets you immediately see that it’s a powerful, enduring, and agile dog.



As we’ve already established, Rottweilers are an excellent breed to keep in an apartment, provided that you have enough space for the dog to feel comfortably. Unlike many other breeds, Rottweilers don’t need too much time outside to feel happy – a couple of 10 to 20 minute walks a day should be enough to keep your doggie satisfied, although that doesn’t include playtime at home, which is an essential component of owning a Rottweiler. These dogs need plenty of exercise, so whenever you can, take your dog to a dog park for some physical activity. Rottweilers are prone to overeating, which is why, if you don’t want to end up with an obese dog, control its diet.



A Rottweiler’s smooth, glossy black coat is one of their best features, and if your dog gets enough nutrients with the food and doesn’t have any skin diseases, caring for their fur isn’t going to cause you too many problems. An average Rottweiler needs an occasional bath, especially if the weather is muddy or you’ve just taken your pup on a long hike. However, it is not recommended to bath Rottweilers too often, as their skin can become too dry. Brush the dog’s coat with a firm bristle brush every week, and you’ll lower the chances of shedding and finding short black hairs all over your apartment.



Rottweilers are famously devoted to their owners and highly courageous dogs, but their training should start the moment you bring a new puppy into the family. Like many other breeds, Rottweilers feel and act best when they are part of the pack, and every pack should have a distinctive leader. By acting as a leader and not letting the dog take charge you will eliminate most behaviour problems Rottweiler owners often complain about. Set the rules, define the behaviour lines, and don’t forget to socialize your pup regularly – these are the components of bringing up a healthy, loyal friend that will bring your family joy every day.


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