Shisha Time Is The Right Time

If you want to relax in a company of your friends, you may weather choose to watch a movie on your big plasma TV while eating popcorn, or you can invite your friends to drink some light alcohol and smoke hookah. But what are the pros and cons of such kind of relaxing and is it worth starting to smoke hookah at all?

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Hookah VS Shisha: What is the difference?

1To start with, let’s clarify the difference between hookah and shisha. The ‘hookah’ is the name for the water pipe through which various substances can be smoked and vaporized. It usually goes with a special device typically made of glass, where the smoke passes through and where you should pour any kind of liquid, such as water, milk, or wine.

2The word ‘shisha’ refers to the tobacco, which is put into an upper part of the hookah itself. Generally, it is fruit-flavored, but it can also be of other tastes, such as mint, herbal, and other fresh tastes.

Shisha VS Nicotine: What is more dangerous?


Even though, smoking shisha and cigarettes can be placed on the same shelve, smoking shisha is less dangerous for your health. The thing is that cigarettes contain such addictive ingredient as nicotine, while high-quality shisha doesn’t. Generally, it is just a mixture of different nice-flavored jams made of molasses, which are no more than just pleasant to inhale.

Hookah smoking health benefits

As compared to smoking cigarettes, which only choke up our vessels, smoking shisha can cleanse our veins and respiratory channels. Besides, if you are worried about the beauty of your teeth, you should give preference to smoking shisha rather than cigarettes – shisha won’t make your teeth darken or turn yellow.


On top of that, many people will agree that the smell of cigarette smoke is offensive. So if you don’t want to smell like an ash tray, try to switch to smoking shisha instead. The tobacco used for hookah smoking is made with a combination of tobacco, sweetener and fruit, making for a much more pleasant scent than their rather smelly cigarette counterparts.

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