How To Start ISP Business

You can provide fast Internet connection at affordable monthly rates and manage it well enough to make tons of money in Nigeria!

What should you start with? What documents and equipment are needed?

If you do not consider the organization of the ISP to be a complex technical system, but rather as a business, it all comes down to these three simple points. We are going to give all the details in this post!


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The equipment you will need

All the major expenses will be connected with buying the equipment. It is important to ask for the advice of professionals.


The list of necessary equipment:

  • web-servers;
  • mail servers;
  • FTP-servers;
  • identification and terminal servers;
  • master server;
  • secondary servers;
  • news servers (optional);
  • development and control server;
  • registration Server (optional);
  • calculation server (optional);
  • commodity server (on large systems);
  • router;
  • protection against unauthorized hacking into the system;
  • network switches;
  • stands for the equipment;
  • cables, tools and control equipment;
  • remote access server;
  • administrative Panel and the printer;
  • uninterruptible power supply;
  • cabinets, racks, etc.;
  • spare parts.


The legal part


The first step is to register a Limited Liability Company and get all the necessary documents for ISP. The second step will be to get the seal and open an account in a bank.



To legalize your activities you will need licenses for communication, as an Internet provider is a communication service provider:

  • the license for telematic services;
  • the license for data transmission except for the transmission for voice information purposes.

You might also need some additional licenses if you are going to provide IP-telephony services, hosting, data backup, cable television etc.


Final part

In order to get the final status of an Internet provider, you will need to create a host connection project, and submit it for examination.

In order for your project to pass the examination successfully, it must comply with a large number of criteria, including:

  • the project itself;
  • computer engineers;
  • technical equipment of the host;
  • software (must be licensed);
  • service servers, channel-forming equipment.


Finally upon successful completion of expert examination you may start working.

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