Top 10 Most Workaholic Countries In The World

Some people are blamed for being lazy and some are painful to look at as they are complete workaholics, devoting their precious time, not for their family, traveling and just having fun, but for working day and night. Anyway, this habit comes in our DNA at birth and differs from nation to nation. So what are they – the most workaholic countries in the world?

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#10 – China


Who would have thought that the country that literally produces all kinds of products for the rest of the world would take the 10th position in our list? But it is indeed so with only 65% of people taking all their allotted vacation days. There are 11 federal holidays in China, so the employers have to provide at least 10 vacation days to their employees.

#9 – Sweden


A bit more work-crazy is the Northern European country, Sweden. Only 63% of people spend their vacation days, having 11 federal holidays and spending around 1,610 hours working per year.

#8 – India


Someone once said that this poor country would become a great and wealthy nation one day. Could be true, as they are real workaholics spending even less of their allotted vacation days – only 59%. And though there are 16 federal holidays in India, the employers are required to offer 12 vacation days only.

#7 – Brazil


Who would have imagined that the eternal fiesta-people are no less workaholic ones? even though the employers are required to provide their staff with 30 additional days off, the people still use only 59% of their vacation days.

#6 – Canada


One step closer to “the most workaholic nation” nomination stands Canada. This country is quite slim on its holidays, with 9 federal holidays per year, clocking in average 1,699 hours per year.

#5 – United States


The nation called to be a “melting pot” counts 1,768 working hours in average, and the people take only 57% of all their allotted vacation days.

#4 – South Korea


The famous Kia Motors, Hyundai, and Samsung manufacturers are also known for their workaholism. Though there 15 federal holidays in South Korea and the employers provide 19 vacation days to their personnel, the people use only 53% of the allotted days off.

#3 – South Africa

TOPSHOTS Thousands of South African mine workers walk on September 10, 2012 to the Lonmin mine in Marikana to try and stop other miners from going to work. Around 15,000 workers have downed tools in South Africa at a Gold Fields mine west of Johannesburg in the latest work stoppage to hit the vital mining sector, the company said onSeptember 10. Lonmin platinum mine said just 6 percent of its 28,000 workers turned up at its mine in Marikana, west of Johannesburg. Striking miners are asking for 12,500 rand (2,000 euros) per month pay, about double their current wages. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOEALEXANDER JOE/AFP/GettyImages ORG XMIT: -

South Africa has gotten included to the list of top-3 labor-admiring countries of the world. They work almost non-stop having spent only 47% of their allotted vacation days a year.

#2 – Australia

Group of people holding an Australian flag --- Image by © momentimages/Tetra Images/Corbis

This cutout piece of land washed by two seas of the Pacific Ocean and by the Indian Ocean doesn’t give up and keeps its strong positions on the world market of goods and services. The people here have 8 federal holidays, spend 47% of their vacation days and work 1,690 hours a year in average.

#1 – Japan


There is a legend saying that when God was walking all way from America to Japan with the basket of gifts, when He finally reached the final point, he had no presents left. So He decided to praise the people of Japan with intellect. And so nowadays, Japanese people are famous for their unique intellect and workaholism, spending only 33% of the allotted vacation days and working 1,714 hours in average.

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