Top Halloween Pranks For Friends

Even the most boring party can be revived by an element of surprise added to it by the host. It will be especially cool if the party organizer arranges a cool prank for the guests! The prank should be spooky and realistic, since it is Halloween-themed!

We present you the best Halloween pranks (+ Videos) – Read, Watch & Enjoy!


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“Horror Hallway” prank

We are all accustomed to welcoming our guests in the hallway. However, Halloween is the holiday when you can arrange a quite unexpected reception.

Switch off light in the hallway and warn the guests that the bulb is out of order.


Place a wet rag at the entrance right where your guests take their shoes off. Hang some threads onto the clothes rack. Throw crumpled newspapers and rustling plastic bags along the corridor. Hang cooked spaghetti on the door handles and smear them with in any cold gel.

Do not forget to place spiders and feathers hanging from the ceiling on a thread so that they would get in the guests’ face every time they moved around the hallway.

And most importantly: in case of any panic display, just pretend as if you do not notice anything!

Horror Room Prank

Have the bravest of your guests visit the Horror Room.

The volunteer enters the dark bathroom accompanied by the host. He gets a task to put out a burning candle by screaming. Then the volunteer is not allowed to tell the other guests what happened in the horror room.


As a result, the next participant, having heard these terrible screams, enters the room cautiously. And after several participants do a considerable amount of screaming, the remaining guests will be afraid to enter the Horror Room.

Zombie Prank

Invite everyone to visit the crypt with the zombie. Arrange the crypt in the neighboring room in advance. Turn off the light in the room and light a few candles. Ask your assistant to lie there on the sofa in advance and cover him or her with a white sheet.

Place an open glass with yogurt or soft cheese on the face of the “zombie” under the sheet.


Invite one of your guests into the “crypt” and say in a spooky voice: “This is the crypt of zombie. This is the coffin (pointing to the bed).

This is the zombie’s foot” (at this point take the guest’s hand and bring it close to the assistant’ foot lying under the sheet). “This is the zombie’s hand” (the guest’s hand touches the hand of the person under the sheet).”

This is its neck” (the guest’s hand is brought close to the assistant’s neck). “And this is the zombie’s eye” (holding the guest’s finger, poke it into the place on the sheet where the yogurt glass is hidden).

“Mad eggs” prank

Come into the room with a basket full of eggs and, laughing creepily, throw one egg aiming at the door. It beautifully breaks and runs down the door. Then start throwing the remaining eggs aiming at the guests.

The guests start to run away in panic but soon they find out that the eggs are plastic toys.


“Mouse” prank

No holiday can do without dancing!!!

When all the guests have finally relaxed and start thinking that all the horrors are over, take a toy mouse (it should be light-weight) and throw it into the crowd of dancers screaming loudly “A mouse!!!”.

You can award your guests in the following nominations for participation in this prank: the loudest scream, the highest jump and the one for the most courageous should go to the guest who does not get scared and catches the mouse!


In general, writing about jokes is like dancing about architecture (Frank Zappa, modified))).

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