Trouble In The President Buhari’s Family?

This week Muhammadu Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari caused controversy by revealing there are disputes in Nigeria’s first family. Find out what started the altercation and how both parties have reacted in the press.

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When Aisha Buhari, the wife of the Nigerian President, agreed to give a candid interview to BBC, no one anticipated what she had to say about her husband’s policies. Instead of stating her 100% support for the President’s decisions, Mrs. Buhari said she wasn’t fully supportive of his hiring practices and other choices of national importance. Aisha also expressed concern in her backing of the husband’s future presidential campaigns, stating she may withdraw her support.


When President Buhari learned about his wife’s claims, his response was a controversial one to say the least: despite being married for 27 years, he said that he doesn’t know whether Aisha belongs to any political party. Instead, Muhammadu Buhari believes his wife belongs in the kitchen and other rooms of their house. The international community had a mixed reaction to the statement. While we don’t know how Aisha Buhari responded yet, this confrontation can be taken as a clear sign that there is trouble in the First Family’s paradise.

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