What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

Glasses can tell people about your character more than you can imagine…

According to experts, people who wear glasses are  more successful than others.

Stylish glasses can turn a person into a sex symbol or help make a fortune! Start new page in your life with new glasses from Jiji!

https://t3.ftcdn.net/jpg/01/07/58/50/240_F_107585043_fFK3NWvYrF50UJ8zWLrJQL3bmVLprFkM.jpgPeople wearing glasses always are perceived as intelligent and educated. It’s a stereotype, which was built for centuries. It all began in the days when putting on the glass could afford only the richest royals.

Today, glasses are not only able to correct vision, but also to talk about your character. The frame is clearly defined figure, which we constantly see before eyes, tells a lot  about you to the others!

And what do they say?

People who prefer all kinds of metal frames are practical and confident in themselves. But the thinner is the bezel, the more person requires recognition of his merits, especially it is actual for men. Golden metal frame indicates adequate, if not excessive, self-esteem and the desire for well-being. Frames made of pure gold or silver, as a rule, do not wear people with really bad eyesight (greater than minus five) and bohemians: they believe that the artist, the creator himself is pure gold.

Metallic glasses of small elongated rectangular shape are often chosen by students, graduate students, young professionals and technicians with higher education. But large rectangular glasses are worn by people of middle and older generation, who already have a family and identify in life, but, alas, adoring and instruct.

A century ago the glasses were used only for reading. Now this is very stylish accessories! Many celebrities wear glasses without dioptries! Add trendy glasses to your wardrobe with Jiji!

Round glasses, like Harry Potter, make people physically stronger. Bioenergists argue that the energy of the round helps the person to feel better, gives strength and harmony.

The person who chooses the oval glasses is the faithful companion and a very romantic one.

If you are a fan of rectangular frames with rounded corners, you probably can avoid sharp corners in the business and family affairs.

But the frame with sharp corners will push its holder to conflicts.

There is also a frame type that is not worth to wear. Experts say that half-framed glasses impede career because from an energy point of view they represent a barrier that you see every day in front of the eyes and can not overcome.

If you prefer the glasses without the frame, keep in mind that it will make you not only open but also naive at the same time. For people preferring these glasses, it is difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Expensive and trendy frame indicates that the person does not accept compromises. It is the distinguished feature of a strong character and will. With such people is hard to communicate sometimes.

Skewed, dirty glasses are talking about negligence, inner passivity, sometimes – hysteria or dysfunctional of their owner, or even a mental disorder.

If you wear glasses low, closer to the middle of the nose you are flirty. If you like to wear glasses are too high, as close to the eyes, that the lens touches the lashes you are practical, hard-edged or with complicated characters.

Therefore, pay attention not only to the style of glasses but on what changes they can cause in your life! Chose the best shape for cheap with Jiji!