10 Most Common Emotions We Experience Every Day

Emotions are those valuable parts of all human beings that reflect their attitude to different occurrences, events, and people. There are lots of them – from the basic and simple to the most extravagant and unpredictable ones, as well as those that are positive and help us to acquire a good mood for the day or the negative ones. But what are the most common emotions that we experience on a daily basis? Let’s find out!

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#1 – Interest


Interest is a positive emotional state contributing to developing skills and acquiring new knowledge. Interest is a very important feeling when working on new projects and starting up new things.

#2 – Joy


Joy is also a positive emotion, which is connected to the ability of full satisfaction. Joy is accompanied with self-satisfaction and the satisfaction about other people.

#3 – Surprise


The surprise is neither a positive nor a negative emotion. It’s rather something in the middle. It is a reaction to something that occurred unexpectedly. It blocks all previous emotions, directing all of your attention into a new object.

#4 – Suffering (grief)


Suffering or grief is the most spread negative emotional state related to acquiring a certain information about an inability to satisfy your own needs. The hardest form of suffering is grief related to irreparable loss.

#5 – Anger


Anger is a powerful negative emotional state, which appears as a response to the impediment of the very desired goals.

#6 – Disgust


Disgust is a negative emotion caused by the objects (things, people, and circumstances) the contact with which (physical or communicational) comes into a strong contradiction with one’s aesthetic and ideological principles.

#7 – Contempt


Contempt is another negative emotion that appears in relationships and caused by differences in opinions and living positions.

#8 – Fear


Fear is a negative emotional state, which appears if the subject is given information about the possible damage of his/her life or belongings. Unlike grief, fear is a response reaction to possible circumstances, which might even never happen.

#9 – Shame


Shame is a negative emotion expressed in awareness of own thoughts or actions contradicting to one’s own vision of an appropriate behavior.

#10 – Guilt


Another negative emotion is guilt expressed in unseemliness of one’s actions, thoughts or feelings. It is accompanied with regret and penance.

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