20 Places To Find Free Books Online

Reading is one of the hobbies that are universally adored around the world, no matter what your age, gender, or occupation are. Like many things, the process of reading has recently changed a lot: we’ve been introduced to new ways to enjoy books, like digital versions of print literature called e-books, and special devices for reading. Moreover, you can use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to read. Here are 20 of the most complete online libraries with free e-books.

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1. Free-eBooks

http://www.free-ebooks.net/ is a great online source for your e-book needs where you can download books and magazines, find other helpful resources, and submit your own book in case you’re an amateur author. You need to sign up and log in to use this library.

2. ReadPrint

http://www.readprint.com/ offers thousands of books to its readers, ranging from classic literature to modern science fiction. Sign up just once and get access to an endless variety of books. Track your reading progress, add books to your reading list, and discuss them online.

3. BookYards

http://www.bookyards.com/ has more than 16,000 of books, which should be enough for one reader for a lifetime. Plus, you will be able to access educational videos, useful web links, other reading materials, and learn about other noteworthy online libraries.

4. ManyBooks

http://manybooks.net/ gives you an opportunity to browse through over 21,000 books by their author, title, or topic. You can also use recommendations and reviews by other visitors. All books are downloadable in different formats for your digital devices.

5. The Literature Network

http://www.online-literature.com/ is centered around the author, which means all books are organized in an alphabetical order by the author’s name. With every author page, besides free e-books, you will get a short bio, discussion forums, trivia quizzes, and related articles.


6. EbookShare

http://www.ebookshare.net/ doesn’t host e-books on their website, but it doesn’t prevent you from accessing a wide range of digital books on every topic imaginable, since this website is filled with links to other sources where you can download the books directly.

7. FreeComputerBooks

http://freecomputerbooks.com/ is a must-know resource for anyone interested in IT, programming, mathematics, and technology – with 12 main and 150 sub-categories full of free e-books you can refresh your knowledge on any subject or even learn a new trade.

8. Librivox

http://librivox.org/ offers a great opportunity for audiobook lovers to enjoy thousands of free audiobooks absolutely for free. The books are read by volunteers around the world, and you can do it as well – or you can simply download any book for free to any of your devices.

9. Wowio

http://www.wowio.com/ is run by the leading publishers of the world, who give access to their best books to the readers. The range of books presented on the website isn’t limited by fiction: there are also study literature, comic books, and classic books.

10. Scribd

http://www.scribd.com/ is a free document sharing website, which means you can not only download e-books, but also read all kinds of materials, including various documents and presentations. All books are available in an extensive range of formats.

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11. Authorama

http://www.authorama.com/ is a great source of free high quality books in the most readable formats – HTML and XHTML. They can be easily read in your browser, downloaded on a mobile device, or printed out if you want to keep a copy of the book.

12. eBookLobby

http://www.ebooklobby.com/ is perfect if you’re looking for a range of books outside fiction and non-fiction literature. Here you will find dozens of categories, including Business, Arts, Photography, Cooking, Children’s Books, and so on.

13. Project Gutenberg

http://www.gutenberg.org/ was a pioneering free online library and continues to provide over 30,000 of free ebooks online to its visitors. As the oldest and the largest online collection of books, Project Gutenberg has everything you need for your reading pleasure.

14. FreeBookSpot

http://www.freebookspot.com/ is your go-to destination for free e-books on over 90 categories to choose from. The categories range from DIY, Entertainment, and Finances, to Internet, Religion, and Self-Development.

15. Adobe Free eBooks

http://www.adobe.com/epaper/ebooks/freebooks.html lets you unlock access to electronic books from a variety of authors and read them on your personal computer or via their expertly designed iOS and Android apps.


16. International Digital Children’s Library

http://en.childrenslibrary.org/ is great if you want to turn your kids into avid readers. Find only high quality children’s literature in a useful online catalog by the author, children’s age, genre, length, reading level, and more.

17. World Public Library

http://worldlibrary.net/ offers a chance to read books online in PDF and other digital formats. You can also listen to and download audiobooks, access a wide variety of articles, and download thousands of books after signing up.

18. Questia

https://www.questia.com/ is beloved not only by the readers of the world, but also by scientists and researchers, who value its detailed catalog and easy search. Although 5,000 books doesn’t seem like a big number, there are many rarities you won’t find anywhere else.

19. Page By Page Books

http://www.pagebypagebooks.com/ doesn’t offer downloads – instead you can read thousands of free books online in a convenient reader that allows you to add bookmarks and easily come back to the page you’ve been reading.

20. Storynory

http://storynory.com/ is one of the longest running audiobook sources with thousands of pieces of original audio content. There you can find famous children’s stories, modern books, and classic literature available for listening online or download.

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