4 Tips То Become Popular Person

Is it easy to get the sympathy of the people? Psychologists believe that shyness and modesty have helped nobody to draw attention. A series of corporate parties, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a difficult test for shy and unsociable people. It just happened so that for some people to communicate is something easy and pleasant, and the role of the party fellow is the most familiar. But for the majority of people, the need to maintain a conversation with strangers and generally “keep the image” are a real torture.

Jiji collected the most interesting and useful advices of psychologists on how to become the soul of the company.

1. You are a brand, sell yourself!

People can like you or not. Your appearance, health, professional and human qualities are a product on the market under the image of “Your Life”. And your mind and thoughts in the human sense are the similar product. It must be someone to see, evaluate, think about whether it is necessary to him, and then – if so – to make a final decision … But do not forget that you are also a seller of your “goods”. Your popularity depends on how skilled you are as a virtuoso dealer, how well your advertising campaigns are working, how many people know that you are something out of the ordinary… If you find at least one person who will appreciate your personality, to attract another people wouldn’t be a problem!

2. Is nobody interested in you? Of course, because no one knows that you are a storehouse of merits, interesting hobbies, and fascinating stories.

Therefore, inspect your “resources”. Write on a piece of paper at least 20-30 qualities that make you special, whether it is an unusual childhood or knowledge of the Japanese language, a passion for carving, or the ability to tell jokes. Reread your list. Well, what do you think now? Are you an interesting person? Casually mention at least 1-2 points from this list, you will fulfill your wish! You already are able to easily interest the new acquaintances or even the whole company!

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3. Attraction – the key to the status of “the soul of the company”!

Many psychologists and NLP trainers emphasize that any dialogue should start with an attraction, that is, sympathy and attraction of your interlocutor. How to do it? Firstly, to elicit sympathy, it is necessary to make a person feel some positive emotions. So start a conversation with something pleasant for your companion. Make him/her immediately turn his/her thoughts to something good and positive: holiday at the sea, the upcoming holidays, weekends, favorite music, etc…

Another secret: we sympathize with those whom we like. So from the very first minutes of conversation, try to find something in common with the companion. Maybe you’re from the same city or studied at the same specialty, or resting on the same resorts, or enjoy the same movies. In short, find any clue, and use it. Then the other person can feel: “This is the kind of a person I can easily communicate!”

4. How to become a soul of the company

In order to attract attention to yourself, it’s just enough to be interested in others. Your strengths and weaknesses are the least interesting for your company, but first of all, he/she is interested in a sense of self-worth, which he/she receives from communicating with you.

So, to become the soul of the company, sufficient detail is to show a genuine interest in the person and talk to him on the subject, that is 100% interesting to each of you! You only need to understand what people want, what they lack, what they need, what makes them happy. You can not try to impress and so people will be fascinated with you, if they feel sincere sympathy and interest in themselves. After all, sympathy and interest are what all of us are lacking in the depths of their soul!

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