7 Deadly Sins Of Communication

If you notice from time to time that the people you talk to don’t actually listen to what you are saying, then you might make one of the following mistakes – or one of the 7 sins of communication. So here are they – check whether they are present in you personally.

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#1 – Gossiping


Rinsing the bones of those who are absent is a bad habit. Both you and your company know – those who gossip with us in 5 minutes will gossip about us.

#2 – Blaming


If you are disposed to critical judgment and talking negatively about someone else, be ready that your company will feel uncomfortable in conversation with you. It’s difficult to feel relaxed in communication with those who can judge you tomorrow.

#3 – Negativity


Negativity is infectious. Moreover, it’s difficult to talk to those who speak negatively about everything. People try to avoid all kinds of negative approach as they prefer communicating with the ones who think optimistically.

#4 – Dogmatism


There is completely no desire to talk to those who accept the undeniable truth only and don’t want to open their mind to any changes. Such people are not flexible to consuming new information and the facts and opinions they operate with, make the companion bored.

#5 – Complaining


Complaining is a virus capable of spreading out to the entire continents. Are you unsatisfied with politics, weather, prices, products quality, the amount of hours a day…it’s time to stop!

#6 – Excuses


Looking for excuses means trying to put the guilt on someone else’s shoulders. One shouldn’t blame all around just not to bear responsibility for one’s own actions. The problem cannot be solved if other people are holding the responsibility. Only by taking matters into one’s own hands, it is possible to get the desired results.

#7 – Exaggeration


Exaggerations impoverish our language. If everything around becomes “super-cool” and “mega-awesome”, it starts to seem like a lie. So it’s easy to lose trust, which is very hard to get back.

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