How To Apply Eye Shadow For Every Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is extremely important not only to make the beautiful smokey-ice or draw a bar with eyeliner but to make any trendy makeup that will make your eyes even more beautiful. Very often, when copying some make-up from video tutorials on YouTube or from a fashion magazine, you can not understand why it looks so great on the girl-model, but on your eyes, it is ugly and ridiculous, even if all was done “according to the instructions.” The fact is that you simply do not take into account your eye shape!

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To determine, which form of the eyes you have, first you need to know what eye shape is considered a classic. eye shape

When eyes are open, upper eyelid line is visible on the whole length of the eye, and the distance between the eyes is the length of the one eye. If your eyes fit this description, then you are the lucky owner of the classic eye form and can easily experiment with different types of make-up.

Hooded eyes

They can look like Asian monolids, when the area from lash to eyebrow has no apparent relief, but you can see the lid almost all the time. Or just have the drooping eyelids. The common description is that hooded eyes have a flap over the eyelid. So basically, the space from the eyebrow to the eyelid seems like one, because of the eyelid droops. For those eyes most make-ups suit, even pearl, golden shade, if you will apply them directly under the eyebrows and it will look luxurious. But if your eyes become hooded because of age, pearl, and shimmering shadows are absolutely contraindicated, because they emphasize the disadvantages, such as wrinkles. Instead you should use matte products. But pearly light shadows are perfect for the inner corners of the eyes, this technique allows to refresh the look and visually open the eyes.

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If the distance between the eyes is less than the length of the eye, such eyes are called close-set. The main thing you need to keep in mind during the make-up is not to apply any dark shades on the inside area of ??your eyelids, only light shimmering shades to visually make the eyes more pulled apart. eyes

The distance between the wide set eyes is more than the length of the eye, an example is the eyes of Kate Moss. You can use any eye make-up, but remember that the more dark shades you apply to make the wings, the more eyes are visually drifting apart. Do a smokey-eyes apply dark shades of shadows on the entire eyelid, including the inner corner.

Up- and downturned eyes

Upturned eyes and round eyes are the most common in African girls and for this shapes suit almost all types of makeup. The owners of down turned eyes must chose makeup style more carefully. It is very easy to make down turned eyes to look tired and sad. The best way to hide it is to not apply the shades at the outer corner of the eye. Just back off a little (very little, just a couple of millimeters) from the outer edge, and it will be an extreme point of shadows application. No one except you will not notice that the shadows are not applied to the entire eyelid, but you visually lift the outer corners.

Deep-set and protruding eyes eyes are sunken into the eye sockets. When doing dark smoky ice for such eyes, it is not necessary to put a dark shadow on the mobile eyelid, or risk getting two black holes for eyes. The ideal solution would be to apply bright shadow to the mobile eyelid and dark shades to the protruding area under the eyebrow. In any case, there is no need to allocate upper eyelid with dark shadows, it will more “retract” your eyes back.

??????????Protruding eyes, on the contrary, are stick out of their sockets and so create deep shadows that are mostly noticeably created by the lower eyelid. Matt smoky shades exactly what you need to smooth out the protruding eyes. Wide wing eyeliner also will look great in the eyes of such shape.

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