How To Attract Buyers With Photos? of whether you’re making photos using a good SLR camera or your smartphone, the photo of the goods must be of high quality if you want to attract more buyers! And no matter if you want to sell a single used thing or to star your business on Jiji, making attractive photos that reflect all the features of your goods is the key to success!

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The most common mistakes

  • Poor clarity. If you have the camera of poor resolution on your smartphone, try to change some settings to make the photos maximally attractive and reflecting true colors and shapes of your goods. If you constantly have to take pictures, buy a tripod. This simple device will help you make the footage of much better quality and no “trembling hands” will spoil the picture.
  • Lighting is often too weak or on the conrary, too bright. So this, too, will need some experiments to be carried out to highlight the details.
  • sqsStrange background. People often take picture of goods using various strange backgrounds – plates with half-eaten food, people’s bodies, the colorful bedlinen, etc. If you have no possibility to make the photo on minimalistic background, use the photo editor to hide it from the buyers.
  • Only one photo. Many things need at least two pictures – front and rear. But the majority of people want to see more. So there might be those who need 4 photos, that is, on all sides.

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How to do it right?

  • The first image is the most important thing

Select the most attractive picture as your main photo. This picture will be visible to thousands of Jiji users. Try to make the main picture bright, clear and detailed. Do not use photos from the web, if you are not the distributor of certain brand, but are selling your own goods. This reduces consumer confidence, even if you are the real owner of things. Before calling, buyers want to see the real condition of the goods, and not the image from the Internet.

  • 111Please use photo editors correctly

In no case do not combine photos into collages – better load more photos – on Jiji there is a special option for this! Photos should reflect the real colors, shades, and texture of the material – if your cameras do not show real shades, you can use color and brightness correction. Try to make a photo in daylight without flash and artistic filters – so you will give the exact color of things.

  • Show all the charm

product photography tips 04

Take a picture of the thing to show all the features of it. If the goods are in small size, make photos on a white or black background – it’s easy to make it by yourself. All you need is the white sheet of paper! And if you sell many goods – make or buy the special white box for photo shooting. If you have large goods you can put them on the contrasting floor to show the whole thing.

Useful tip: learn how to use reflector

jugjNo need to purchase a professional stuff – as a reflector you can use the same sheet of paper, a white linen, or a foil for cooking. The main thing is to place it on the opposite side from the light, to show all features that are hidden by the shadow!


For tiny crafts, cosmetics, jewelers, this trick is a need – it helps to show the gods in their best!

Here is the example of such option, where the linen is the reflector.

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dwdThe difference might seemed tiny, but blue color on the backs without reflector looks like dark blue. For those shoes, the difference is not that much significant, but very often many goods change their colors more radically in different light!

The most famous example 🙂

  • Be honest

If items have defective or problem areas, take a picture of them closer. Point the reason why you sell a used thing: this is usually the first question, which asks the buyer. If you are selling an expensive or a completely new thing, take a picture of the labels and all inserts. This will greatly enhance the confidence of the buyer.

Enjoy selling goods with Jiji!