Balenciaga Shoes: Uniqueness In Every Detail

Nicolas Ghesquière is a true experimenter who rejects tradition and rules. He creates a collection of Balenciaga shoes that are really surprising, amazing, spellbinding and delightful at the same time.

He is able to anticipate the latest global trends in Haute Couture!


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From the brand’s history…

As a result of the company merger (Gucci Group & Balenciaga) a young and very talented designer Nicolas Ghesquière was taken onboard of the Gucci team.

Previously he had been the creative director of Balenciaga SA. After the merger 9% of the company shares were transferred into his property. The revival of the Balenciaga brand became the main life goal for Ghesquière.


What makes the shoes of this brand so special?

The shoes that come from the famous Balenciaga French fashion house will impress anyone who seeks to express their personality in every detail of their look. Everything about Balenciaga shoes is sophisticated; every element is designed to create a harmony of quality and unique Balenciaga style.

The brand collections are remembered because most of the models have a wonderful feature – versatility. They match different styles of clothes from casual a free business style equally well. If you are looking for an option that will allow you not to think too much about choosing shoes to match your clothes or choosing clothing to match your shoes, then Balenciaga shoes is the most appropriate option for you.



The assortment of famous brand shoes is so rich that you will be able to find a variety of options that perfectly combine modern design and a classic look at comfortable and stylish shoes. You will be able to choose high boots, high-top sneakers, low-top athletic Balenciaga shoes for men, and even espadrilles.

If you prefer models that are ideal for everyday wear, for leisure and for business meetings, you should definitely pay attention to the Balenciaga shoes.


You may prefer low-key options or choose stylish brighter designs that will allow you to create a unique look!

In addition to their attractive design, the developers have added other important features to Balenciaga shoes:

  • unusual color combinations;
  • high-quality materials (leather, durable rubber, etc.);
  • reliable arch support, cushioning your feet movement;
  • original logo on each pair, emphasizing the style and extraordinary taste of their owner.


Wearing the shoes of this famous French brand, you will certainly be confident in your personal taste, look stylish and feel maximum comfort. The shoes of this quality level are beyond all dreams for anyone who appreciates convenience.


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3 Tips for Authenticating your Balenciaga Arenas

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