Black Friday Tips For SMART Shopaholics!

“Black” and “Friday” are two magic words that have become a spell for true shopaholics all over the world.

Despite the somewhat grim name, Black Friday doesn’t really scare anybody. On the contrary, people look forward to this great day even more than to the New Year or their own birthday!


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Time is a key factor!

You need to catch low prices at the very beginning of the sale. Just a few hours later shopaholics will empty the racks with the cheapest goods and most widespread sizes.

Do not sleep long! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and run to the shopping center in the morning because otherwise it may be too late!

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Shops often announce the product groups that will be on sale, or even send exclusive Black Friday coupons which will guarantee you maximum discounts!


Create the optimal route

You will need a plan in which order you can visit all the shops that are worthy of your attention. It’s a good idea to look at them closely from the inside in advance.

Allocate a certain amount of time for each shop and don’t exceed it. Thus you will save time and will gain only benefits.

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Discount aggregators

In the days of the greatest sales discount aggregators become popular. These are special websites where you can learn about all of the most attractive offers from different shops.

Look for your discounts at the following websites:,, SlickDeals, TheBlackFriday, etc.

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Black Friday online: where to buy?

Internet made all shopaholics equal in rights and opportunities!

You could go the coolest places online from the comfort of your home – these are the websites of the world’s largest department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Harrods, Nordstrom, Target, Sears, Walmart, BestBuy, Zappos, etc. In addition to it, almost all world famous brands participate in the “Black Friday”!

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You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy products at best prices on such US websites as 6PM, Walmart, Carters, GAP, Gymboree, Kohls, Staples, eBay and Amazon.

You can also buy anything with big discounts in the Chinese marketplaces on Black Friday. Here you can buy mobile gadgets, electronics, clothing, shoes and accessories, tools, car products , home decorations, products for health and beauty, children’s clothes, etc. Therefore, you are more than welcome on AliExpress!

Look for your discounts in advance

Most shops get ready to the Black Friday a week in advance, announcing large discounts on selected product groups.

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Create an account on the website in advance

Register on the website and enter all the information about the payment method, your shipping address, etc. It will greatly speed up the process of making a purchase on the day of Black Friday.

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Wish list

You could add desired products from the catalog into your wish list then monitor the discounts!

Wish list

Free shipping

Free shipping is offered for the purchase of goods worth certain amount of money. Find out who of your friends and acquaintances will be buying in the same place and save on shipping costs as well!

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After the Friday Fever a lot of people start having a hangover – they understand that at least part of the goods are not really necessary, but they do need the money spent on them!

All the returned items will soon be offered for sale in the Used / Open Box category with a big discount. This will be your second chance to get a real bargain!


Cyber Monday

Here’s one more good piece of news for slow shoppers!

Black Friday actually opens a long series of Christmas sales. Therefore, if you did not have enough time to catch the biggest discounts on Black Friday, you can always catch up on Cyber Monday. The main thing is to find a decent excuse to take some time off from work.

Cyber monday

What products should you buy?

On Black Friday almost all products can be purchased with discount of up to 90%! But there are certain categories of goods that you should pay particular attention to:

  • Laptops and tablets. There could be discounts of up to 40% on older models.
  • Smartphones. Retailers cut prices even on such popular gadgets as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Xperia.
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories. These seasonal products are also sold with a discount of up to 50-80% as new fashion-collections are issued.
  • Household products. You can buy kitchenware and utensils, small appliances at a very low price.

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