Your Breathtaking Hanging-Out: Fun Places In Lagos

The life in Lagos is bustling: here you can get lost in the humming open-air markets, day-dream at one of the most beautiful beaches, head to the center for a walk, check out all the unusual restaurants and loud nightclubs, visit a nature reserve with your family or set out to enjoy the works of art…

So, you’re looking for places to visit in Lagos? Let’s see, where the most significant entertainment places are located!


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National Art Theatre

This is the main center for performing arts in the country.

The building exterior is designed as a military cap. There are 3000 seats in the main hall and 800 seats in the conference hall. There are also two cinemas, a bar and a restaurant.

If you’re looking for intriguing things to do in Lagos, you might be interested to see the performances of Nigerian and foreign artists, theatrical performances, listen to a concert of classical music, watch musicals and children’s shows.

National Art Theatre

The National Museum

One of the most interesting places to visit in Lagos will show you the unique archaeological and ethnographic collections, as well as traditional art represented by sculptures and carvings.

There is also a collection of crowns made of carved ivory, General Mohammed’s car pierced by bullets. There is also Community Crafts Center working on the premises of the museum (wide range of batik cloth and wood carvings), a fine selection of unusually decorated calabashes collected from all over Nigeria!


Club Quilox, Victoria Island, Lagos

Designed in an exquisite Red, Gold and Black color pattern, Quilox is your final destination for ultimate relaxation and nightlife fun. Plunge into magic clubbing with its magnetic vibes and exquisite hang outs and in the end of the night you will want more!

Club Quilox, Victoria Island, Lagos

Lekki Conservation Centre

There are about 130 species of birds and over 140 species of animals on 78 hectares of land. They have been collected from all over the African continent!

You can climb the 20-meter platform in the form of trees offering stunning panoramic views of the reserve.

The center also provides camping facilities, a hotel and a cafe where you can eat and relax.

Lekki Conservation Centre

New Afrika Shrine Concert Hall

If you’re a music & show lover and looking for things to do in Lagos, you’re welcome to New Afrika Shrine! This is one of the most popular cultural and entertainment centers of the Nigerian capital, the venue of Felabration music festival.

New Afrika Shrine is a spacious hall with a stage, an audience hall and a food court, where you can taste popular local drinks.

New Afrika Shrine

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