How To Cure Insomnia With No Medications?

One cannot cure insomnia without removing the disbalance , which is the cause. For a trustworthy and longtime insomnia cure, it’s important to at a balance between your body and mind – and it is easier than you could imagine.

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There are numerous techniques to help your body relax and restore your inner balance, by using which you can forget what it means “I cannot fall asleep”. Moreover, you will feel better in other spheres of your life – you will become more active and successful, as insomnia is something more than a sleep disorder, it’s a display of the overall disbalance of your organism.



Most of the people think that meditation is a method to make their consciousness silent. Indeed, it’s a method to enter the silence, which is already there, just buried under hundreds of thousands of thoughts, which appear in our head every day. And of course, the 99% of thoughts that appeared today are the same one as were yesterday.

All of this noise covers the inner silence deep inside, which is the true source of happiness, inspiration, and peace. Having gotten an access to this silent space of your consciousness, you instantly become free from disorderly images, which call for anxiety, anger, and pain.

Of course, you can use meditation wherever and whenever you want, but as our main goal is to fight insomnia, it is better if you meditate right before you go to bed. For the beginning, sit and put your hands on your laps or lay with your arms along your body. Then close your eyes and start watching over your breathing. Feel the air entering your nose and flowing further to your lungs. Don’t breathe deeper than usual or keep your breath. Don’t do anything by forcing yourself. Just feel how soft and free your breath is and how much relaxed your mind has become.



The aroma therapy is another effective and safe method of fighting insomnia. Breathe in some warm, sweet fragrances (for example, basilica, orange, cloves, or rose). The lavender oil is considered especially useful for sleep correction and it is recommended to inwork two drops of lavender oil into your forehead.


3Before going to sleep, it is recommended to massage the most active points of your body. Massage the upper part of your footsteps with warm sesame oil. Cleanse your footsteps with cool wet patch. Then proceed with massaging two main “sleep” points – the center of your forehead and the bottom part of your belly with a coconut oil.

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