How To Find The Best Present For Your Boss?

The boss can be good or bad but occasionally we have to congratulate him on holidays. And the sooner the date, the stronger fever in the team: what to present to the boss? After all, the overall climate in the company depends on his mood in its great part.

What to give to the director? course, the ideal solution when a chief is a good one. Then you just want to congratulate him and give something pleasant. In the opposite situation, when the director is a despot, the process of choosing a present can irritate. In any case, to choose a gift is not always very easy. Especially since the bosses always give the impression that they have everything. Just go to the chief’s office and you’ll see picture frames, and vases, and even conspiratorial bar with a good selection of drinks.

Let’s start with the fact that the present bought to your boss does not match with the present that can be bought for loved ones, for example, undergarment or bedding, socks, toiletries. The gift should embody the corporate culture. It may not be cheap, however, and not too expensive, because it is, unethical, and unwise. Do not forget that a gift for the boss must be not only original but also underline the status of the receiver!

What to give to the boss for an anniversary?

Once every 5 years, it is necessary to make a fuss with the choice of what to give to the boss for an anniversary. The most appropriate and useful gift can be the beautiful notebook, with the leather cover.

This is a true win-win approach taking into account the hobby of the boss. In this case, he will be doubly pleased to receive a gift. After all, it will be presented not for show and will emphasize the subordination and personal approach. Today it is very convenient to buy exclusive items in the online stores. This option is useful from all sides: a huge selection of products, searching for gifts while sitting at home on the couch or in the office. But it is especially important not to miscalculate the quality because through the computer you can’t touch the goods.

On Jiji you have no problem with this:  you can evaluate a quality of some luxurious notebook at the meeting with the seller. By the comments on the profile you can guess if the goods of this seller are good enough to be presented to your boss, or not!

If the item is correct, then the boss once again will be convinced of a good taste of his colleagues. And this never gone unnoticed!

Another point what gift to present to a woman boss!

When choosing what to present to your boss, you need to take gender into account. After all, if a man will be glad of expensive alcohol, the woman is unlikely to enjoy it. Lady boss will be glad to receive some accessories, pick up on her the taste. It is best to cope with the choice of female colleagues. In the office woman boss, there is a place a beautiful table set with a clock. It is more appropriate to fill up the room with a good coffee maker. A small team can congratulate a woman boss with a beautiful set of dishes or nice items for home decor. Personally, on your own, you can give a woman chief of the frame or box under the photo, set for sushi, towel holders, ceramic sets for olives, coffee grinder, a jar of coffee or tea, statuette-stand for the jewelry.

Make a portrait of the artist director in an expensive frame for your boss! On Jiji, you can find a lot of good artists!

What to present to the man boss? less important question is what to give to the director of the male gender. The amount of money collected to buy a present for their boss depends on the number of team members. The more money they get, the more valuable present they can pick up. For example, the team can give the director a small plasma screen for the office, a stylish barometer, an air humidification device with an ionizer, or a massage mat on the back of the chair. Taking into account the tastes and hobbies of the boss, you can give him a hookah, BBQ on the gas or electric heating, a table for playing chess, dagger, sword, or a set of weapons.

More valuable will be a gift for the boss with unusual packaging. It can be presented in the studio laminated bag with a photo of the whole team.

You can make or order a calendar for the coming year with playfully changed names of all the months and funky photographs of employees and management. If we discard the tediousness and boredom, be original and fun, as any, even the most stringent Director will melt. After all, even the most terrible and horrible bosses have a sense of humor and ability to smile sincerely.

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