Easy Way To Get A Flat Tummy With Jiji!

Do you want to have a beautiful, flat tummy? Surely, yes! How to get a flat tummy! And you probably have heard that to achieve this, one needs to strengthen the abdominal muscles and to train the waist. Often, however, a lot of girls and guys train the abs hard but the result of their effort is not very impressive. This is because flat tummy is the result of the complex approach to the body condition – from exercises to diet and a special day regime.

There are two main components of flat and sculpted tummy: the diet and sports.

Appetite, calories uptake and food for the night

http://img2.timeinc.net/health/images/slides/eating-refridgerator-night-200x150.jpgTalking about the daily norm of calories, accumulation of fat passes in the form of events arranged in the following order: you eat (i.e., the energy is consumed), then the energy is spent. Or isn’t. If you do not spend the excess energy you get from food, it is converted into fat. For example, due to the fact that at night, during sleep, we spend little energy, it does seem logical that the calories, we ate for dinner aren’t spent at night and will be reserved in fat. In principle, all is correct. Except for the fact that this process has no connection with weight gain.

To deal with this, try to look at the situation differently. Then the chain of events can be considered like this: first, the energy is spent, including from dumps (fat cells, fat, liver glycogen), and then the consumed food returns the energy back.

For example, you had lunch. A number of consumed substances (amino acids, glucose, fatty acids), from the digestive system, get into the blood, and cells use them for different purposes, and all the rest, unused, after processing by the liver, are deposited. They are converted mainly to fat (and slightly into glycogen) and dumped in the “storage” (liver, adipose tissue).

But before the dinner these deposits are gradually consumed, ie, are discharged back into the blood and are used by all the tissues of the body for energy providing. So, it appears that we equalize a certain amount of calories while having a dinner. Those calories are returned to an empty place in our “storage”.

The main thing is that, if you have spent 1500 calories during the period after lunch, not eat all 2000 calories on dinner!

By the way, a healthy person’s appetite actually depends on the previous resources spent from the fat cells (adipocytes). Filled with fat, adipocyte produces special, anorectic signaling protein, leptin, signaling: “stop to eat, you are not hungry anymore”.

We all know a lot of such examples: the person has a good appetite and eats all he/she wants but doesn’t gain excess weight.

Persons with the same body type but who have disruption in leptin regulation, very easily gain extra weight. Fat cells are overcrowded, almost yelling “stop to eat”, highlighting a ton of leptin, but the appetite center in the hypothalamus does not hear them. And no excess leptin synthesis and the big amount of extra food do not affect the appetite, and at the same type, the body produces too little of “building” hormones: growth hormone, testosterone…

How to fix this? The answer is simple – sports, moderate and proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle! And the simplest way to find a good gym and a qualified trainer is to look for them on Jiji

Get a flat tummy with Jiji!


One of the decisive factors that motivate people to engage in fitness, is hardly buttoned waist and belly that is hanging over it. At the same time, strength training, despite its proven effectiveness to burn fat and build muscles, often does not lead to the desired result – a reduction of the waist and flat abdominal wall. The role of fat are replaced with strong muscles, which is certainly much better than a big belly, however, it doesn’t prevent the visual effect of a massive figure. This is because fat is divided into two types. The first involves a high content of fat tissue in the body. These are the soft folds on the sides and belly, which are dried well by fat burning exercises. The second type is the visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs and can be topped with strong relief muscles. In this case, bulging tummy is observed even in skinny people! That’s why only proper nutrition with proper personalized training program can provide perfect tummy to any person!

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