Good Reasons For Buying Home Wine Bar

Good wine can be a great inspiration source and the guarantee of your good mood. However, wine is a very capricious drink, so its bouquet largely depends not only on its initial quality but also on the storage conditions and the wine temperature when it’s served.

In order to really enjoy drinking wine, it is necessary to ensure ideal storage conditions for this divine drink. Where? In a special wine bar!


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Why should you buy a wine bar?

  • The main function of a wine bar is maintaining the optimal storage temperature for your wine. Even an inexpensive wine bar will be able to handle this function. The best temperature for storing wine is 10 to 14 degrees.
  • Protection from oxidation that may occur if air penetrates into the bottle. The horizontal position of the bottle allows the plug to be completely bathed by wine, thus preventing the plug’s drying up. That is why the wine in home wine bar is positioned horizontally (or at an angle).
  • Expensive wine bars allow you to adjust the humidity (the optimal is 75-80%), which also prevents the plug from drying up.
  • A special filter is responsible for cleaning the air.
  • Minimization of vibration (which can lead to the appearance of sediment) is provided by special compressors and fans.
  • The next function of a wine bar – protecting the wine from light, – is secured by the door and special glass that prevents ultraviolet from penetrating inside the bar.
  • Division of the space inside a wine bar into climatic zones for different types of wine with maintaining optimal temperatures.


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Wine bar will help you save on wine expenses!

If you have a wine bar at home, it will allow you to save on wine expenses! How is that possible? Just check this out:

  • you can order wine from wholesale suppliers in boxes, because now you do not need to worry about where to properly store the wine you bought;
  • you can also use the opportunity to buy a few bottles of decent wine with a discount in the store without being afraid that it may lose any of its qualities;
  • you can buy wines abroad in large quantities: at wineries, shops and Duty Free stores;
  • you can use the method of investing into a good, expensive wine. You now have everything you need to make the wine ripen to its best-tasting condition, without worrying that it could deteriorate from improper storage.


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