Jacuzzi At Home: Harm Or Benefit?

Fashion for the jacuzzi does not disappear for many years, and the popularity is not decreasing. Some people seek comfort. Someone wants to experience for themselves the therapeutic effect of the whirlpool. And only a few are thinking, is it worth to spend a lot of money on staff that can bring benefits and also harm the body.

The pros of the jacuzzi

Official medicine proved useful properties physiotherapy jacuzzi. Doctors recommend to use it to prevent and even treat certain diseases in combination with other medical methods and means and have good therapeutic results. Therapists say that using the jacuzzi can relieve nervous tension.

http://media.4living.ru/4l-articles/0/603x328/9/44008.pngThe jets of water mixed with air bubbles free the body from various pains, massaging the soft tissues. Warm water is much better for the body than the usual massage with solid rollers, but because together with an effective message you get a relaxation.

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If we look at the latest jacuzzi models, they also possess other properties that give therapeutic effect. For example, some jacuzzi models are equipped with appliances for use of oriental massage, give a truly good therapeutic effect: thanks to the flow of warm water they stimulate certain acupuncture points, which are located on two sides of the spine, and there is a restoration of the energy balance of the body.

Multiple advantages may be noted in comparison with the conventional bathing or showering. The hydromassage in the jacuzzi:


If we compare the effect of the whirlpool with the usual massage, we can note a good body sensitivity to this procedure. During this whirlpool, whole back is under the treatment simultaneously, and the effect of the warm water helps to improve results.

Women appreciated another advantage jacuzzi: it can be used effectively to get rid of cellulite. In addition, the body will respond to such treatments, and the probability of hurt and pain is almost zero.

http://ksportal.ru/uploads/posts/2011-05/1306084734_62936144.jpgDisadvantages of jacuzzi

There are also disadvantages caused by a long staying in the jacuzzi. In addition to the enjoyment of pleasant procedures and therapeutic effect against many diseases, you can easily acquire new sores. Such a conclusion was made by Rita Moyes a microbiologist at the University of Texas. She examined 43 water image, taken in the public and private jacuzzi.

Each of the samples was recorded the growth of various microbes. The results are plunged researcher into shock, who stated that she saw only the tip of the iceberg since the analysis carried out on a limited number of microorganisms, which are much more in fact.

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At 1 liter water taken from the tap contains about 138 bacteria and in the same amount of water taken from the jacuzzi more than 2 million. According to the results of the studies and microbiological analysis in 95% jacuzzi intestinal bacteria were found, pathogenic fungi are present in 81% jacuzzi and 34%  jacuzzi contain staphylococci, which represent a potential threat to human life.

The chemical method for jacuzzi pipes cleaning is virtually impossible, and therefore, if the pipes are used often, this creates a favorable environment for the growth and accumulation of pathogens of various infections. According to Moyes, these microorganisms are highly resistant to most detergents.

At that time, the water that streams from nozzles which are arranged on the walls of the bath is already infected with bacteria. These jets penetrate into all the holes of the human body that does not occur while taking a conventional bath.

Microbiologist argues that these microorganisms can cause infection of the urinary tract, lungs, and skin, and therefore pose a serious danger to people with weak immune systems, the elderly and children.

Summing up, it should be noted that, despite the popularity and fashion at the jacuzzi, you should think twice before you buy and install it at home. Weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, think about your health!

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