How To Overcome Failures And Keep Moving On?

We live in a world that is crazy about success. A successful career. Successful family. Successful appearance. We are surrounded by success stories from all sides around us, our are socials crowded with happy mums with ribbons in their hair and intelligent photogenic kids, former colleagues, who quit smoking and now run marathons every day before breakfast, and distant acquaintances who constantly win tenders, complete the steep projects, make films, launching rockets into space and changing this world, while we are delved into the boring routine.

Break the routine! Try Jiji!

Although we understand that the picture in the social network reflects reality just a little, we know in theory that if we dig deeper, then most likely it is a series of anticipating failures, it is very difficult to get rid of that external pressure behind every success story. Especially when we do not now all background! Failures are always difficult: failures at work, failures in the private life – all this is quite a traumatic experience. However, in a moment of desperation, which covers you when you realize that nothing is impossible, and all your efforts crumbled, and it is unclear what to do next, and energy decreases at this very moment, it is important to push yourself and realize that there are no “failures” actually. They are just the results – any results could be the starting point for something new, if you properly use the potential of the moment.

What to do when things go wrong?

Take a break

Stop being mad about the situation. If something does not work, you will have gained experience and will go on through life. The most important thing – not to panic, get in a despair or get mad with the the world and yourself.
The best thing you can do when you do not work – is stop.

Print yourself a mantra «great things take time»

Before diving into the well of self-criticism, do some useful: go to Jiji and look on great things to find inspiration! You’d be surprised how many stupid things successful people have done before they achieved something. Make mistakes and try several times before finding your true path. You’re doing it right, you type cones: each bump serve you well in the future, you’ll see.

Your life is in your hand, so don’t lose heart and keep moving to success with Jiji by your side!