More And More People Refuse Buhari’s Nominations

With the recent scandals surrounding President’s Buhari hiring decisions, the world and the Nigerian community have been paying close attention to new nominations and their aftermatch. Recently three of the nation’s leading specialists made a splash by refusing the President’s nominations. Here’s who these people are and what made them make this decision.

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Dame Pauline Tallen

Mrs. Tallen has had a glowing career and has more recently worked as a deputy governor. She was approached by President Buhari with a proposition to take a position as an ambassador. Dame Pauline Tallen said she was honoured by the offer, but was forced to decline it due to the poor health of her husband, who has been sick for a while and requires constant help.


Najatu Muhammad

Najatu Muhammad has been working as a Senator and the President of the Nigerian Student Union, but Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to appoint her the chairperson of the Dutse University took Najatu by surprise, as she wasn’t consulted prior to the decision. As a result, she had to refuse the offer for personal reasons.


Akintunde Akinwande

Professor Akinwande has worked in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an engineering professor, which made him worthy of a position as the head of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission. However, Mr. Akinwande wasn’t consulted prior to the appointment, which gave him nothing else to do but refuse the President’s nomination.


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