Professional Face Cleansing: What It’s Like?

Facial cleansing is an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate quickly, safely and efficiently! Our face is not just a mirror of our soul, but also an excellent indicator of our age. Therefore, it needs constant care, which is not full without cleansing. Why is it necessary to do the cleaning of the face? Comedones (in popular acne) appear in 80% of the people. During normal life cycle, the skin cells renew, the skin can be cleaned by itself. But under the influence of many negative factors, such as hormonal failure, stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, numerous problems can appear. One of the most noticeable problems is the comedones. They are formed on the surface of the skin when the sebaceous gland are clogged with dirt. The purpose of professional cleansing is to remove blackheads because they are deep enough, so can’t be removed by scrubs, masks, and creams. And thanks to the professional cleaning, the face becomes smooth and aesthetically appealing.

Time to take care of yourself! Visit Jiji and find the nearest beauty salon with good prices! women prejudice this procedure because they are afraid to carry out cosmetic manipulation because of the possible negative consequences. This has already happened that stereotypical thinking wins. But in fact, this is only the myth as facial cleansing is a procedure, though not the most pleasant, but necessary for the health and beauty of our skin. For maximum results, you need to initially consult with a beautician and get the skin test. Then you can choose the most suitable face cleaning procedures.

What are the most often used face cleansing? cleansing is a procedure that is performed by  the hands of the cosmetician with sterile gloves and with the use of special tools. Today, mechanical cleansing is performed and new techniques make it possible to get rid of blackheads, blockages, acne. The advantage of this cleansing is the fact that the active ingredients of deep cleansing creams penetrate to deeper levels. As practice shows, due to a constant skin care there is no need for mechanical cleansing.

Considering a mechanical cleansing at home? You can save money, but at the same time you don’t have enough instruments that will allow you to do it right. So it’s better to go to a professional – do not spare any money for your face skin health! most gentle method of cleansing is vacuum face cleansing. This manipulation allows getting rid of blackheads, dead skin cells. This cleansing is not as deep as, for example, mechanical, but it is considered to be softer and less painful and traumatic. Also, vacuum cleansing is recommended for patients with a very soft and thin skin. Removing dirt and grease, “pluggings” is performed by a special pneumatic sucker. Vacuum cleansing can be carried out either as a standalone procedure or in combination with other cosmetology manipulations.

Ultrasonic cleansing is the atraumatic, painless and effective method of face cleansing. Such manipulation can be done only by a professional in the beauty salon with special equipment. Ultrasound, affecting the skin, cleanses it from blockages of sebaceous glands and comedones. During the procedure, the horny skin cells are deleted and  sebum secretion is normalized. Ultrasonic cleansing stimulates the renewal of skin cells, improves skin tone and blood circulation.

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Combined cleansing is used to achieve maximum effect by applying multiple methods at the same time. The combination of methods includes ultrasound, manual and chemical cleaning. Combined facial cleansing allows considering specific contraindications to the procedure, the facial features. This type is very suitable for deep cleaning of problematic areas of the skin.

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