Top 12 Rules Of Life

Have you ever considered that our lives are not just about being and doing whatever comes to our minds? Everything we do, every single action has its consequence. Besides, there are certain rules of life we subconsciously follow and there are impacts and influence our existing all way through.

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#1 – Rule of cause and effect


Whatever we do in our life, the Universe will return to us. That’s why if you want to acquire a real love, friendship, and happiness, first you must get to love someone yourself, become a friend and make people happy.

#2 –Rule of creation


The key to the right inwardness is independence from the outside world. To achieve one, you should be yourself and surround yourself with the people and things you really want to see in your life.

#3 – Rule of submission


We cannot change the situation until we accept everything as it is. And if we see an enemy in someone else’s face, then we ourselves are not yet ready for a higher level of coexistence.

#4 – Rule of growth


The most important thing for us is that we change and grow, not the people, towns, and technology around us. The time given to us is indeed the only valuable thing we’ve got.

#5 – Rule of responsibility


Life is a mirror. If there is something wrong in our life, this means we got some problems inside us. That’s why we should take up the responsibility for what is going on and not look for the guilty ones.

#6 – Rule of connection


Even if the things we do seem insignificant to us, it is still important to do as everything in the Universe is connected. The first step cannot be more important than the last one, and on the contrary – they both are important to make the task done.

#7 – Rule of concentration


It’s impossible to think about two things at the time. So if you concentrate on searching something important, for example, spiritual values, then there will be no space left for greed and anger.

#8 – Rule of acceptance


We can understand and accept only those things we have experienced in reality. If we consider something a truth but are not ready to prove it, then we have just an opinion, not knowledge.

#9 – Rule of “here and now”


Digging the past and dreaming the future distracts us from the present. And the moment we live right now is the most precious and the one we have control upon. So right here and right now is when and where we make changes.

#10 – Rule of change


The story will repeat until we learn a lesson from it. The lessons that will change our path. That’s why we shouldn’t do same things and expect different results.

#11 – Rule of patience and reward


Any praise requires much of efforts to be put. The true pleasure in life is to continue working hard, knowing that soon or later we will reach our goals.

#12 – Rule of significance and inspiration


We get only those things we are worth of, as the true significance is equal to energy and efforts we spent to get the desired things. And only those who like to give can get something inspiring in return.

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