Top 5 Sedans Of 2016 You Can Buy

Sedans rightfully hold the first place in the bestselling car ratings, and there are numerous reasons for its popularity. First, it has an undoubtedly attractive appearance that appeals to a wide range of buyers. Second, the five-door configuration is very convenient both for families and single drivers. Third, sedans provide plenty of cargo and passenger space while keeping their dimensions sensible. If you’re looking for a new sedan car, here are 5 of the best sedans released in 2016.

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Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is one of the best city vehicles you can buy today. Its upscale interior elevates your driving experience, while the sporty ride doesn’t allow you to get bored behind the wheel. The wide choice of engines and transmissions will let every customer pick their ideal configuration. This model is also available in the hatchback variety, with both body styles offering endless opportunities for transporting cargo. The affordability and lots of standard features in the basic trim level make the Fiesta an option to consider for budget-minded car buyers.


Hyundai Accent

When it comes to small, inexpensive yet practical cars, the Hyundai Accent is one of the first models that jump to mind. Its top-notch performance has made the Accent a favorite among those drivers who prefer a fun ride, while the refined interior and superior cabin comfort are very appealing to the buyers. The Hyundai Accent offers great value for your money: for a reasonably low price you get a fuel-efficient subcompact car that feels and looks like a much pricier model thanks to its combination of attractive styling and competitive mechanics.


Mazda 3

Unlike most sedans on our list, the Mazda 3 is not marketed towards family buyers with a practical approach to car shopping – this model is truly a driver’s car. Of course, you can still use it as a perfectly capable family vehicle, but the Mazda 3 shines when you take it out for a challenging or relaxing ride. With responsive handling, outstanding performance, and lots of personality, the Mazda 3 boasts decent fuel economy and generous passenger space, which make it more family-friendly. Add plenty of tech features and fantastic interior quality, and you’ll get why this Mazda is so appealing to customers.


Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been around for almost four decades, and during this time it has became the standard for a reliable and sensible family car. It’s true that you won’t get the most exciting performance out of your Accord, but if you want a safe and practical vehicle for a variety of family needs, the Accord is definitely the one to consider. The roomy interior is perfect for large families, while an effortless drive will let you get anywhere in a very secure way. The 2016 Honda Accord is filled with cutting edge tech features, so you can take advantage of the newest achievements in technology while driving.


Lexus IS 350

As a luxury sports car, the Lexus IS 350 stays true to its form, providing superb handling and competitive performance. Although many sports sedans are lacking comfort and interior quality, the IS 350 has plenty of both, which is why you’re guaranteed to enjoy every second spent inside this car. Since buyers have come to expect unparalleled quality and safety features from Lexus and Toyota cars, you will be pleased with what the Lexus IS 350 has to offer in this regard, as well as its sophisticated design.


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