Top 7 Richest US Presidents

USA president is one of the most coveted and respected positions in the world, not just because of all the power this position holds, but also because of the financial aspect of being a president. In the U.S. president belongs to the wealthiest category of the society. And although not every president of the United States dreams of being the richest one, there are many presidents in the history of the States whose net worth is simply unbelievable. Check out our list of American presidents according to their wealth.

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Lyndon Baines Johnson (net worth: $98 million)

Johnson made history as one of the most notable presidents of the 20th century. Despite being fairly wealthy in his later years, Lyndon Baines Johnson came from a rather background. After inheriting a tiny farm in Texas, he made sure not to miss this opportunity and managed the estate to make it grow significantly.


James Madison (net worth: $101 million)

James Madison served as the US president for eight years, from 1809 to 1817. Like many newly rich people of America in those days, he amassed his fortune thanks to the real estate. Overall Madison owned over 5,000 acres of land and soon became the number one landowner in Orange County, Virginia.


Andrew Jackson (net worth: $119 million)

Andrew Jackson was in office from 1829 to 1837 and served for two terms. He was largely popular with the middle class. His own wealth was built on land speculation and smart investments, which eventually let him become the seventh richest president in history. For a while Jackson was featured on the 20 dollar bill.


Theodore Roosevelt (net worth: $125 million)

Roosevelt was an outstanding president for a number of reasons, including the grounds for his wealth: instead of dealing with the land, he used his family connections that had deep roots in the glass and hardware industries. Theodore Roosevelt came from a rich New York City family and clearly new his way around money, which is why his estate continued to grow.


Thomas Jefferson (net worth: $212 million)

Another US leader on our list that made his fortune thanks to real estate, Jefferson is still different to most of the presidents in the land business: unlike them, Thomas Jefferson inherited most of his property instead of buying it. After serving as the president for 8 years, Jefferson lost most of his wealth and turned out to be in huge debt.


George Washington (net worth: $525 million)

You can’t become the first president of the United States without breaking a few records, and one of the most noteworthy achievements of George Washington is his enormous wealth. Having made a career as a land surveyor and land speculator, Washington owned a blooming Virginia plantation that consisted of 8,000 acres of land and five separate farms.


Donald Trump (net worth: $3,7 billion)

Donald Trump, the newest president-elect, will definitely make history as the most controversial US president, but there is one thing we can rest assured in: the man knows how to make money. His business empire includes real estate, TV network, hotel business, entertainment, investment, sales, and marketing.