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Audi TT 2000-2007

Depending on the year and the condition, German Audi TT can be found for as low as 10 to 20 thousand dollars. If you’re lucky you’ll get it with a new face and a more aggressive silhouette. But most likely you’ll get this classic rounded-shaped car.

Audi TT 2000-2007 1


  • easy to find;
  • easy to sell;
  • lots of spare parts and bonded donors available.


  • some people consider TT to be more suitable for women.

Audi TT 2000-2007 2

Audi TT car review | Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy takes the Audi TT out for a spin, that is if he can first decide on what to wear. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Studios, who help fund new BBC programmes.


BMW Z3 is the legend of the late 90’s. You will often find an open-top version. They cost from $12 to 17 000. However, their closed modifications will cost you more – $19-23 thousand.

BMW Z3 1


  • legendary classics;
  • nimble and bouncy.


  • spare parts are not that easy to find;
  • quality service can be expensive.

BMW Z3 2

bmw z3 drift

bmw z3 drift fun

BMW Z4 2003-2005

BMW Z4 – a convertible version can be easily purchased for $20 000 and even cheaper. As is the case with the Z3, the coupe will cost you more. And it is quite rare.

BMW Z4 2003-2005 1


  • this is an almost new model of BMW therefore it’s really cool;
  • according to user reviews, it’s cheaper to maintain than the Z3;
  • spare parts are easier to find than for the Z3.


  • poor color choice.

BMW Z4 2003-2005 2

2005 BMW Z4 Road Test and Review Vehicle-Virgins reviews the 2005 BMW Z4 Specifications: Price: $13-18,000 HP: 189 Torque: 181 ft lbs 0-60: ~7 seconds EPA: 18 city, 26 highway 2005 BMW Z4 Road Test and Review Visit us online at And on Facebook at We at Vehicle-Virgins™ are a dedicated group of college students here to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life: buying your first car.

Chrysler Crossfire

10-year-old copy of the sporting Chrysler Crossfire can be found for $14-18 000 depending on the condition and model.

Chrysler Crossfire 1


  • looks expensive;
  • quite inexpensive to buy.


  • consumes too much petrol while being not particularly fast;
  • difficult to sell quickly.

Chrysler Crossfire 2

Review: 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

I review the 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. Huge thanks to Harrison Auto Sales for providing the car! This car is available to buy and more info about it can be found here: Intro song is ‘Blank’ by Disfigure and is provided by NoCopyrightSounds. It can be heard in it’s entirety here: Follow Disfigure:…

Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8 will cost you about $ 10-15000. You can even find cars that cost only $ 7-8 thousand! Admit it, here it is, your dream-car!

Mazda RX8 1


  • it looks simply fabulous!
  • the engine sounds like the one of a motorcycle;
  • with this car you’ll win all the girls’ hearts;
  • 4 doors!


  • how are you going to fill it with a flow rate of 15-20 liters?
  • how often are you willing to change the rotary engine?

Mazda RX8 2

Mazda RX8 car review – Top Gear – BBC autos

The Top Gear team put the Mazda RX8 through its paces! Watch the official full video in high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

Mercedes SLK 1997-2005

Mercedes SLK can often be found in advertisements. Its price ranges from 7 to $ 20,000 depending on the condition and release date.

Mercedes 1


  • coupé-cabriolet;
  • this is Mercedes!


  • is this a car for metrosexuals?!


Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor – Drifting

Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor – Drifting @ Σέσι ______________________________________ Site: Like Us: Follow Us:

Buy used cars on Jiji – make your dream come true -it is easy with us!


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