10 Things That Will NOT Be Trendy In 2017!

It has always been like that with fashion: either you go for it or not! However, going against fashion is like dealing with a rapid flow. It is much more enjoyable to follow the fashion trends, understand other people and be understood!

Now we will tell you what kind of things you should not buy in 2017. You could sell or throw out these things in 2017 because you won’t need them anymore!


Don’t be out of fashion in 2017 – be always in the trend with Jiji!

Say goodbye to a low cut!

Forget about low-cut dresses – they are not fashionable anymore. It will become outspoken “mauvais ton” to show too much breast skin or emphasize your breasts in any way. This trend will be replaced with the fashion of open back and slit sleeves showing your slender forearms.

The hem length varies according to the occasion. However, an evening dress, as always, requires a maxi, maybe even with a train.


Denim, it’s over!

Instead of denim things that have come out of fashion, clothes made of velvet will become trendy. Velvet adds elegance, charm and glamour to almost any woman. The best combination with velvet things make items made of satin, leather, suede and tweed. When trying to match velvet things with other items of different textures it is better to combine matte texture with a slightly glittery one.

If you do have to use denim, combine it with a radical application and tailoring of different texture and color pieces (so called “Frankenstein jeans”).


New ideas for shoe buckles? You’re welcome!

Shoes with lacing are likely to go out of fashion in 2017. The number of models with semi-fasteners, such as disk Boa Closure System or branded Puma Disc Blaze and Reebok InstaPump is at the same time exciting and scary because it implies new experiments.

Puma Disc Blaze

Goodbye, tutu skirts!

Tutu skirts will definitely be out of fashion. However, pleated skirts and pencil skirts will remain trendy. Pencil skirts are truly universal and classic and they suit any woman without exceptions. They accentuate your waist and legs.


Unexpected color combinations are fun!

The expected matching combination of shoes and bags is not fashionable any more. Moreover, it’s even a sign of bad taste now. Modern fashion tells us not to do it. We recommend making the bag the main focus of the image, and choose the color of shoes, for example, to match your coat.

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Stingy Infinity Scarves

Opt for a normal bigger scarf that you can wrap around your neck snugly in a great number of amazing ways.


Super-low waist

Having been in trend way too long, it’s now going out of fashion! So no more showing underwear – and welcome high-waisted pants and jeans!


“Job interview” Pants

You wanted that job so much, that you spent THAT much money on a pair of trousers, which made you look like professional. On the other hand you look like Mr. Bean wearing it. There’s no place for such shits in 2017. Absolutely!


“Clurb” Dresses

Even if you are going for a magical trip to Vegas (yeah, we know you are not), please do not wear this kind of dress. And it’s not about showing off your perfect body – just this type of dresses is over. Kim Kardashian does not wear them anymore. Think about it.


Stretchy, Shrunken Jean Jackets

Nowadays it is not that hard to find a stunning, high-quality jean jacket. And it won’t even cost you a lot. So there is no need to buy one that will stretch out and rip within a couple of months. Plus, if you already have some old, stretched-out jean – throw it away!


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