5 Incredible African Designers To Have On Your Radar

As a continent that consists of dozens of countries, Africa is the most diverse place on the planet, which is why it’s not surprising that African fashion is so famous around the world. Every year we learn about new faces in the world of African clothing trends, while African designs take over the fashion world by storm. Find out which 5 designers from Africa are currently in vogue!

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Andrea Iyamah

When it comes to Nigerian fashion designers, no one is more famous right now than Andrea Iyamah. She was born in Nigeria, and even though Andrea resides in Canada, her African heritage can be seen in every part of her fashion line. Andrea’s mostly known for her swimwear designs, which are instantly recognizable thanks to their intricate styling and pattern use. One-pieces, bikinis, and sports bodysuits have attracted the attention of the international community. Andrea’s clothing is known for its bold designs and streamlined shapes.


Laz Yani

Laz Yani was born in South Africa and has been interested in fashion and design since his early years. Having studied fashion and pattern engineering for some time, Laz won several prestigious awards and was able to secure an internship with a renowned clothing brand, which is where he blossomed as a designer. The clothing lines creating by Laz are heavily influenced by the topic of travel. His designs are highly wearable and elegant, and are always a hit at fashion weeks.


Amaka Osakwe

Another Nigerian designer who strives for international fame is Amaka Osakwe, who was born and resides in Lagos. Although her rise to success didn’t start long ago, she has already presented her designs in many prestigious fashion shows, including ones in South Africa and New York. Amaka creates sophisticated collections out of self-designed fabrics, and her midi-length dresses and pencil skirts have already become popular among ladies with an exquisite taste in clothing.


Taibo Bacar

If you’re a fan of bold colors, stunning patterns, and elegant silhouettes, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the dresses and other clothes designed by Taibo Bacar, a Mozambique-based designer. While many African fashion designers are inspired by their heritage, Taibo has taken it on the next level, which is why you can instantly see that the clothes have been born in Africa. Even though the patterns of Taibo’s clothing are truly striking, you will have no problem incorporating them into your everyday style.


Mimi Plange

Mimi Plange’s fashion line became the talk of the town in 2012, when an A-line skirt from her collection was worn by Michelle Obama during a talk show appearance. By that time Mimi was already an accomplished designer known for her elegant and flattering designs. Mimi Plange’s collections stand out thanks to the intricacy of the clothing styles combined with stunning patterns and cutting edge techniques used in the creation of the designs.


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