5 Places On Earth We Will Never Be Allowed To Visit

There are lots of intriguing places on the planet. Some of them are just too expensive to visit, but some remain unapproachable for anyone. So what are they – the places on Earth you and me will never get a chance to see?

Let’s lift the veil together with Jiji

The Center for Emergency Operations in Virginia

Reason for ban: the concealment for highest officials.

The “X-Files” soap opera got the people acquainted with the Mount Unzen in the USA – a secret shelter for higher government officials. Indeed, there is an operating center called FEMA, which is capable of managing the country during critical situations. The part of buildings are above the ground, and another part is underground, which comprises of special services like police and firemen. There are certain rules acting on the territory of the center, the main of which is ‘no strangers are allowed’.


Seed Warehouse in Spitzbergen

Reason for ban: the reserves are stored here on the occasion of the catastrophe.

Within the rocks, on the depth of 120 meters, there is a tunnel with a permanent temperature -18 C. The humidity level here is minimal, and the microclimate is regulated by the automatic system. The mankind stores its hope to resurrect the flora in the case of unpredicted catastrophic situations. All agricultural heritage is stored in the bank so no strangers will be ever allowed to enter it.


Vale Do Javari Reservation in Brazil

Reason for ban: safety for aboriginal tribes

The aborigines live in the jungles of Amazonia for a couple of centuries already. The photos from a satellite have confirmed that there are around 14 tribes living in Vale Do Javari reservation. It is possible that the population of these tribes can reach up to 2 thousand persons. For the safety of the inhabitants and in order to keep their lifestyle pattern, the governance has abandoned the entrance to the territory of about 77 000 square kilometers.


“Club 33” in New Orleans

Reason for ban: the intimacy of the secret community

Back in 1967, Walt Disney had established a club, which gathered all the company’s investors, celebrities, and politicians under one roof. You cannot be invited to the “Club 33” from the street, as well as a casual bypasser will never find the pointer to the secret door. Those burning with the desire to become a part of the secret community will have to wait 14 years in the queue and pay a starting fee of $ 10 450 for individuals and $ 27 500 for corporations.


Geomagnetic island Es Vedra

Reason for ban: human subjects protection from the unpredictable energy

The rocky island Es Vedra is a part of Balearic Islands and is ranked on the 3rd place by its geomagnetic power. The first ones are the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole. All technical equipment goes dead here and the arrow on the compass points to all different directions. Mystery Es Vedra is covered with legends, mystics, and terrifying stories. So the Spanish government has abandoned any visits to the island. Legally, one can only swim around the perimeter and watch the seashore from the water.


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