7 Gorgeous Party Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try For Christmas!

Christmas is the magic time and it’s also high time to make a beautiful hairdo and become the queen of the night!

We will tell you about the upcoming evening hairstyle trends of 2017: Take advantage of our hairstyle tips to stay in the center of attention and admiration throughout the night!


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Hairstyles for long hair

An ideal option for long hair would be lovely curls of all sizes. Trendy latest hairstyles allow both large and small curls. You can even do a perm in advance to save your precious time in the last hours of preparation for the party.




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Braids and plaiting

Plaits and braids will look very nice. After all, braids have been at the peak of popularity for many seasons.

There’s a very simple hairstyle that you can do yourself: it’s a French braid that can be worn on its own or used as an element of other hairstyles.



Hairstyles for medium length hair

Curls and braids look great on medium length hair. If you opt for a side parting, it will look very unusual. If you gather your curls in a ponytail it will also look very cute and sweet: such hairstyles do not require much time and effort.






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Hairstyles for Short Hair

People with short hair will have to do something completely new with their hair for the celebration of New Year. Many trendy short hairstyles are extremely easy to do: it is enough to lift the part of your hair over your forehead and secure it at the back, and then fix some side hair neatly close to it.





10 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT Hair

Please excuse my awful fake tan. I know, it’s literally horrendous haha! But I hope you enjoyed this video regardless 🙂 PREVIOUS VIDEO: Chatty GRWM: Night Out! (Make-Up & Hair) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuzWaTJYWk8 Let me know which of these hairstyles is your favourite and if you recreate any of them, be sure to tag me on any of my social medias!

High bun

The girls that want to demonstrate the delicate line of their shoulders should pay attention to the hairstyle called high French bun. This hairstyle will look particularly flattering if your party gown is decorated with various decorative elements in the neck, chest and back area.

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DIY French-Up High Bun | Cute Hair Bun Ideas

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Low bun

A bun always looks feminine. A low bun can become a luxurious festive hairstyle for your New Year and Christmas party. Not only smooth and neat buns are in trend this year, but also the ones done casually or even messily.

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French buns or twists are also popular this season. French bun is when the hair from the bottom is raised and curled up in a shell shape. Low buns with braids look very stylish too. Choose your hairstyle and check out these cool hairstyle tips in the video:

10 Perfect Low Bun Hairstyles

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Let’s also consider different options for evening curly hairstyles:

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Use accessories to emphasize Christmas mood in your evening hairstyle:









Here you can find some more Christmas party hairstyle tips:


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