7 Mistakes That Impede Us Looking Great

It requires much work to look stunningly 24 hours a day. And it’s a pity if one small mistake spoils your overall image and all your efforts are gone for nothing. In order for you to look great at any time of the day, we’ve gathered all possible mistakes you should avoid making.

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1Mistake #1 – Last-moment preparing

The question “What to wear today?” in your head, a cup of cool coffee in one your hand, an eyebrow brush in another one – it is already impossible to be at work in time. So you can forget about your perfect look for the day. Everything would be much easier if you have prepared and ironed all necessary clothing in the evening.

Mistake #2 – Out-of-the-weather clothing2

Even though you are not a Northern Pole inhabitant and it’s not common to wear jeans and socks – wear them if it is raining and cold outside. It is stupid to wear a short dress for the bad weather, as you will look much more appealing if you feel comfortable in your clothing.

3Mistake #3 – Out-of-the-place clothing

Whichever event you are planning to attend, it is recommended to find out about its format. Undoubtedly, you will look strange and will feel uncomfortable on high heels, while everyone else is in comfortable sneakers.

4Mistake #4 – Out-of-size clothing

Surely there is a pair of your favorite jeans in your wardrobe you dream of wearing again for so long. And you will, just don’t do it too soon. And don’t rush for trendy things just because they come at 80% discount. You are risking of acquiring many unnecessary things in your wardrobe, which are too big, too small or simply don’t fit your body type.

5Mistake #5 – Small shortcomings

Messy look, small spot, or cat’s fur – you can thing that no one will notice all these small shortcomings, but it’s still better to carry a grip tape and a needle and cotton in your bag, and to abandon the clothing that crumples easily.

6Mistake #6 – No clothing accessories

You can look great even in the simplest jeans and sweater. Just use the appropriate clothing accessory. This could be a scarf, a belt, or a jewelry.

7Mistake #7 – Low-quality materials

Cheap synthetic looks cheap. It is another case if you choose cotton, chiffon, silk, or fur. These are not very expensive fabrics, but they look much better and you will definitely feel much comfortable wearing them.

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